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East Side Interceptor Gate Buildings

As part of New York City’s efforts to make Lower Manhattan more resilient, NYC DEP will be installing an extensive parallel conveyance system to supplement existing stormwater capacity. At each end of the East Side segment of this system will be a large underground vault and hydraulic gate. In support of this infrastructure project, ONE has designed two Interceptor Gate Buildings for DEP which house the controls and equipment to operate these gates. Each building is sited within the public right-of-way at the northern and southern ends of the ESCR project and will be utilized by DEP personnel to control sewer system inflows from the adjacent areas during storm events. The structures are approximately 64 feet long by 10 feet wide and, uniquely, sited within the right of ways of active streets, thus requiring highly sensitive architectural and urban design considerations, as well as specific outreach and coordination with local stakeholders, residents, multiple city agencies, and multiple rounds of PDC review. Slated to begin construction in autumn of 2020, the buildings represent a first-of-their-kind architectural project in NYC, and will be the model for such structures going forward. 

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Status: Unbuilt