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Building with Nature: Creating, implementing, and upscaling Nature-based Solutions

At the culmination of a decade of Building with Nature research and practice in Europe and Southeast Asia, the EcoShape consortium initiated a research publication to document their experience and lessons learned. ONE was selected to co-edit and develop this volume, at once a research compendium and call to action.

Through this research, ONE engaged experts and stakeholders to discuss Building with Nature methodologies and key findings from the practice of this innovative approach to water-related Nature-based Solutions, as well as enablers for implementation. The investigation was structured within a framework of six landscape typologies: sandy coasts, muddy coasts, lowland lakes, rivers and estuaries, cities, and ports. For each landscape, ONE and EcoShape identified and evaluated Building with Nature concepts for applicability and efficacy. In addition, ONE developed a series of system analysis diagrams that unpack each of the landscapes, connecting their physical and biological composition to underlying ecological, social, political, and economic systems. Through this body of knowledge, EcoShape aims to capture the imaginative and inspirational potential of Building with Nature and ultimately create a roadmap for practitioners and decision-makers to engage more deeply with the philosophy and approach.

The resulting publication, Building with Nature: Creating, implementing, and upscaling Nature-based Solutions, was released in 2020 from nai010 publishersAs the researchers, editors, illustrators, and voices of BwN, ONE has gained a deep familiarity with the dynamics that shape the various landscapes as well as the science and applicability of the concepts in a range of environments. Through close working relationships with EcoShape team and its experts, ONE has been immersed in the innovative and collaborative process of the BwN network and its stakeholders.

Read more about the book here.

  • Project Period: February 2020 — November 2020
  • Client: EcoShape
  • Collaborators: EcoShape team
  • Book Design: Vanessa van Dam, Adriaan Mellegers
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Status: Unbuilt