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Resilience by Design: Metropoolregio Amsterdam

The ONE Resilient Team [led by One Architecture & Urbanism with SmartlandArcadisOverMorgenDriftClimate Adaptation Partners, and various centers at the University of Pennsylvania] was selected as one of two teams to participate in the Resilience by Design: Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (RBD MRA) program. With a focus on the MRA’s urbanized parts, the ONE team collaborated with government organizations, knowledge institutes, and local stakeholders in the region to provide creative and integrated solutions to climate-adaptive development.

Over the past few months, the team advanced with its analysis of climate impacts, stressors, and thresholds to identify areas of opportunity for planning and design to embed climate adaptation in urban space. For the selected sites as a result of the study—Beverwijk, Haarlem, Haven-Stad, and Almere —the team developed strategies and demonstration projects to solidify climate adaptation as a ‘normal’ part of integrated investment decisions now and in the future within the MRA. The final RBD proposals were presented to the many stakeholders and at the Deltaconference in November 2020, and already serve as climate-adaptive inputs for the implementation program and investment agenda of the MRA’s ‘Urbanization Strategy’ for 2050 and beyond.

The final report presented by ONE Resilient Team is available here.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Amsterdam Metropolitan Region