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Urban Flood Resilience Indonesia

In supporting The Government of Indonesia, the World Bank facilitated a national Urban Flood Resilience program to address institutional, regulatory, financial, technical and design needs for flood risk investments in selected Indonesian cities. This conceptual framework supports the pilot cities of Pontianak, Manado, and Bima in developing urban flood resilience strategies and investment options.

ONE partnered with DeltaresKota Kita, and PT Wiratma to develop innovative measures incorporating structural, policy, and nature-based solutions to improve flood resilience in each of the target cities. The multi-disciplinary international team combined expertise in urban planning and design, flood risk engineering, landscape architecture, social engagement and disaster risk management.

Through a systematic process of identifying hazards, assessing risks, developing and evaluating alternatives, and proposing flexible and adaptive strategies, this framework will serve as the basis for future feasibility studies and detailed design of urban flood resilience investment packages. The initiative began in late 2019 with data collection and risk analysis that considered the unique urban, geological and hydrological conditions in each of the three cities. Through a series of site visits and capacity building workshops, the team was able to partner with local stakeholders to develop overall approaches to resilience, paired with tailored solutions. In addition to providing advisory services and technical inputs on urban flood resilience strategies for each of the cities, the project offers a framework for applying parallel approaches at the local, regional and national scales.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Pontianak, Manado, Bima; Indonesia