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Leiden CS

For many years the area surrounding Leiden Central station has been below standard. It has been a cacophony of architectural ‘incidents’ in an area focused on infrastructure, lacking a proper connection to the city center and the university hospital. NS Poort has invested heavily in the station, as a prototype of its ‘World Station’ concept, making the surroundings look even bleaker. This fifth station in the country by number of passengers has the appearance of a highway location. One Architecture and NS Poort have developed a vision for the integral development of the area in order to persuade the city and other parties to start planning, together and integral.

The development vision comprises of a number of extraordinary elements: the large city blocks will be opened up for program and parking, a number of ‘stepping stones’ will reinforce the route to the city center (starting with a small cultural satellite at the station), and a structure with ‘urban entertainment’ and housing covering the bus station at the city side. At the sea side, a connection with the university hospital will be made with an integral solution for parking.

This vision has proven to be successful: All parties involved now work on this project, together and integral.

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Status: Unbuilt