Name that Architect and Building!!!


was there rule like that? i sorry. it ain't gargonzola btw.

Aug 22, 07 8:13 pm

1920s, not my neighborhood, though I wish it was

Aug 22, 07 8:19 pm

that one is a total beautiful contridiction. it must be in phili. nice asymetry.

Aug 22, 07 8:23 pm

not in philadelphia, but yes, a contradiction

Aug 22, 07 8:26 pm
won and done williams

you gave that one away, supernal.

brazini, church of the cuore immaculata di maria santissima, rome

Aug 22, 07 8:37 pm
won and done williams

this may be too much of softball, but i think we need an easy one after many of these.

Aug 22, 07 8:44 pm

Bravo. I see you did look in the book, because the architects name correctly is Brasini, Armando. Anyway, Orhan first mentioned contradiction, so, you get close and the clues get better.

I wanna see what you're gonna post!

Aug 22, 07 8:47 pm

SOM?, something on Park Avenue?

Aug 22, 07 8:49 pm

just for the curiosity trivia. that tiled roof building with a rotunda i posted above, is the student center in st. monica's school in santa monica. architect is frank gehry.

Aug 22, 07 8:52 pm
won and done williams

sorry, orhan, didn't mean to jump in.

Aug 22, 07 8:54 pm

Pepsi Building New york city by natalie de blois.. i think she worked with som on this one but not sure.

Aug 22, 07 8:57 pm
won and done williams

nice job, beefeaters. i think bunshaft was the head designer.

now admit it, did you cheat to know that natalie de blois worked on it with bunshaft? i didn't know that till i found the image.

Aug 22, 07 9:06 pm
Aug 22, 07 9:07 pm

no , we studied her work in a survey class, my classmate presented prominent modernist female architects

Aug 22, 07 9:08 pm

btw, the jagged line in the landscape, not the building behind

Aug 22, 07 9:10 pm
won and done williams

nice, beefeaters. sounds like a great course.

Aug 22, 07 9:19 pm

know what it is but I cheated
nice project

Aug 22, 07 9:23 pm

and its not the one in Ohio

Aug 22, 07 9:25 pm

since i was a tiny part of a clue, can i post a 'small' building to be guessed?

Aug 22, 07 9:33 pm

finally, one i know!!!

beefeaters, that's an escalater in spain by elias torres.

Aug 22, 07 9:39 pm

Orhan, if you keep this up, you'll have to be sent to the prinicpal's office!

Aug 22, 07 9:39 pm

principal doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore...

Aug 22, 07 9:47 pm

i know supernal knows the answer. but i am just curious how he is gonna put it out.

Aug 22, 07 9:48 pm

Orhan, I'm pretty sure that's someplace in the back of Steven Holl's mind.

Aug 22, 07 9:52 pm

and in the backs of many other's minds.
it ain't machine but sure is a good livin'.

Aug 22, 07 10:04 pm

Orhan that's the architects cabin by Le Corbusier isn't it?

Aug 23, 07 12:24 am

techno is correct right? do you have the next image ready?

Aug 23, 07 9:14 am
won and done williams

this game is great. i'm so impressed whenever anyone comes up with the answer to one of these.

and i think i would take "someplace in the back of Steven Holl's mind" as a correct answer. ha.

keep it coming, techno.

Aug 23, 07 9:19 am

yes, it's techno's turn.

Aug 23, 07 10:52 am

Wait, Cris guessed "escalater in spain by elias torres" correctly. I was waiting for him to post a building.

Aug 23, 07 11:09 am
won and done williams

oh yeah, orhan jumped. to the principal's office!

i guess whoever can post first - techno or cris.

Aug 23, 07 11:11 am
liberty bell

I love this thread!

Orhan, you know you won't get in trouble for anything you choose to do around here. As long as Brad Pitt doesn't hear about it, that is.

Aug 23, 07 11:15 am

it's great, ain't it!?

i'm learning something!

ok, this one is probably too easy, but let's see who knows.

Aug 23, 07 11:54 am
Sarah Hamilton

Hey! That guy stole my staircase idea for my sophmore year rowhouse design.

Aug 23, 07 11:55 am

ha ha ha, sarah, in my third year rowhouse design, i stole it too!

Aug 23, 07 12:09 pm

Casa Barragan - Luis Barragan - Mexico City

Aug 23, 07 12:09 pm

that's correct.
Joseph D'Urso did a very similar staircase in a NYC apartment in the early 1980s.

Aug 23, 07 12:14 pm

Another spanish speaker

Aug 23, 07 12:27 pm
liberty bell

Dang, I know this one.....and I can't think of I'm going to throw out Alvaro Siza even though I'm 99.9% certain it's wrong.

Aug 23, 07 1:47 pm

I know what it is because I cheated. Not Siza. It's in Uruguay if that helps. 1958-60.

Aug 23, 07 1:51 pm

Eladio Dieste

Aug 23, 07 1:55 pm

Eladio Dieste - Church of Christ the Worker - Uruguay

Aug 23, 07 1:57 pm

damn emaze beat me, should have refreshed

Aug 23, 07 1:58 pm
Iglesia de Atlántida, Uruguay

i think this was linked to another thread somewhere?

Aug 23, 07 2:01 pm

Siza no speaky Spanish.

Aug 23, 07 2:02 pm

yeah this thread, that's where I remember seeing it

Aug 23, 07 2:04 pm

phuyaka can have the credit, I just named the architect and not the building (can I have reserve 1/2 the right to post when the thread remains unresponsive for two or so days?)...

Aug 23, 07 2:04 pm

Yay Dieste is correct! Oddly enough, a Siza building was my other choice...

Aug 23, 07 2:11 pm

Anyone remember the older version of this thread?

Aug 23, 07 2:18 pm

well thanks emaze.
so here's mine:

Aug 23, 07 2:20 pm

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