Name that Architect and Building!!!


is that the beach house from weekend @ bernie's?

Aug 23, 07 2:27 pm

well i definitely know this one..brian healy is the architect..

Aug 23, 07 3:01 pm

healy went to penn state and was on my thesis jury..also interviewed

it's the beach house in loveladies, nj 95-97

Aug 23, 07 3:04 pm

emaze you want to post an image?

Aug 23, 07 3:05 pm

yup. i figured it'd have to be an east coaster who got that one.

A little Brian Healy story;
When I was in high school I was introduced to him by a mutual acquaintance, and he had me over for diner at his own personal beach house which happened to be in my hometown. I was sort of on the fence about architecture as the college application process started, but after hearing him speak about I was sold. I definitely credit him for inspiring me to pursue architecture. Great guy, but no response when I tried to apply with him after graduating.

you're up Lars

Aug 23, 07 3:19 pm

he is a good guy...i used to know two guys that worked
for him...and i've followed his work pretty closely. he was also
on a jury for the rotch competition which i was a finalist on...

his models and drawings are really nice..

Aug 23, 07 3:25 pm

coworker's suggestion

Aug 23, 07 3:31 pm

Michelucci, Church of the Autostrada, near Florence

Aug 23, 07 3:36 pm


Aug 23, 07 3:52 pm

Church of the Autostrada is in Complexity and Contradiction...'s a competition entry from 1971, prototype for an Esso Filling Station (obviously). Curious if anyone knows the architect. Otherwise, just want more people to know the project.

Aug 23, 07 3:59 pm

Archizoom (Andrea Branzi) - Esso gas station

Aug 23, 07 4:02 pm

sorry, but I think you got the right nationality though.

Aug 23, 07 4:06 pm


Aug 23, 07 4:17 pm

sorry again. The architect did have a 1970s a+u devoted to his work, but seems to have faded into obscurity since then. Tafuri notes this work.

Aug 23, 07 4:21 pm

Feo+Aggarbati+Saggioro+Vigni (via Tafuri) Not getting it right the first time is embarassing though...

Aug 23, 07 4:52 pm


images above from a+u 77:02 focus: Vittorio De Feo

Aug 23, 07 4:56 pm
Aug 23, 07 4:59 pm

ok, my turn. Let's stay in the mediterranean...

right-click won't work on this one!

Aug 23, 07 5:00 pm

Miguel Fisac, Jorba Laboratories, Madrid, 1965-67.

Guess what, this is another on the Transformations. I told you that book was good.

Aug 23, 07 5:03 pm

hats off!

Aug 23, 07 5:04 pm

ok, something much newer...

...and I assume as yet unexecuted.

Aug 23, 07 5:09 pm

from the phantasmagorical scale I would almost guess BIG but somehow it doesn't look right...

Aug 23, 07 5:13 pm

so very close

Aug 23, 07 5:20 pm

JDS - logistic city

Aug 23, 07 5:40 pm


Aug 23, 07 5:42 pm

the "so very close" tipped me off, I hadn't seen that project yet. why did Plot split again?

here's one:

Aug 23, 07 5:52 pm

I'm still trying to figure out why WHAM! split up.

Aug 23, 07 6:04 pm
brian buchalski

on a recent flight i watched the "blades of glory" movie with will ferrell & jon heder as a male figure skating pair and the movie actually included the habitat project from the 67 world's fair...or something like that

this thread reminds me of that movie

Aug 23, 07 6:24 pm

ok before i leave for the day I'll leave this hint since there's no takers yet:
the building and architects are located in the same city, which rhymes with Shmienna, in a country that rhymes with Baustria

Aug 23, 07 6:51 pm

sorry I was away, I'll search for a good entry.

whose this??

Aug 23, 07 8:53 pm

After trying all night to figure out the identity of Viennese building and also being side-swiped by pixel blur building, architects collape from exhaustion.

Quick, call ARUP for unprecedented structural solution!

Aug 24, 07 11:50 am

ok i'll cave since no one got it yet.
It's Henke + Schreieck Architekten, the "Vienna Loft" apartment building. I'll have to look the date up but I believe it to be late 80's - early 90's. They're more well known for their K-47 office building in the heart of the city:

Aug 24, 07 1:45 pm

phuyaka, post another building if you don't mind.

Aug 24, 07 1:54 pm

phuyaka..even knowing the firm's name i still can't find pics of that building...although i do remember it from a book i had on 'contemporary european architecture' that i got in 94 or so.

Aug 24, 07 1:56 pm

of course that was before i looked on the 'images' side of google...

Aug 24, 07 1:56 pm
brian buchalski

yeah, another one pleaes...but something scandinavian this time

Aug 24, 07 1:57 pm

puddles you missed my norwegian one...

Aug 24, 07 5:15 pm

no one making a bid at mine? Pity

Aug 24, 07 11:12 pm

check this really built, looks like a model, really good one

Aug 26, 07 6:09 am
some person

supernal: I was going to guess that your image of the women on the floor was an Oliver Herring performance art piece.... until I read your caption!

Aug 26, 07 10:08 am
some person

techno: It looks like a Steven Holl project...

not quite this: Zuidas Housing

Aug 26, 07 10:13 am
won and done williams

i'm guessing it's a neutelings riedijk, but i can't find it anywhere in their portfolio.

Aug 26, 07 11:17 am


Aug 26, 07 12:21 pm

any hints architechnophilia?

Aug 26, 07 9:26 pm

its in South America

Aug 26, 07 10:46 pm

time for hint numero dos

Aug 27, 07 1:24 pm

no ones gotten it so far, its been a few days? want to just tell us architechnophilia and post a new one?

Aug 27, 07 1:35 pm

i know it's in brasilia...i know it's part of the congress buildings (or right next to) between the congress and the justice i could guess say it's niemeyer, but i'd think it's a trap...but it's in brazilia for sure (i remember seeing it in pictures)

Aug 27, 07 1:50 pm

Anexo-IV of the Camara dos Deputados (house of representatives)em Brasilia...architect:João Filgueiras Lima with Niemeyer (exiled in France)

Aug 27, 07 1:59 pm

shows the building in relation to a more recognizable building in brasilia

Aug 27, 07 2:01 pm

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