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vado i watched last tango in halifax and then went to bed when masterpiece mystery came on.  so i got you beat.  then again i get pretty sleepy pretty early these days.

Jul 25, 14 10:38 pm

donna, have you expressed your views (in an appropriate fashion) to the appropriate people?  they did hire you for your expertise, after all.  perhaps it's worth a shot.  

also, willl the architecture (non)solution preclude the adopting of a true, non-architectural solution to the problem?  if not, you can at least feel like this piece of architecture is not going to make anything WORSE, and maybe you can follow a separate path to help instigate the appropriate non-architectural solution.  (start an advocacy group, write a letter to someone who can help, etc.)

hard to know what else to say without more specifics, but understood that you don't feel you can provide them...

Jul 25, 14 10:41 pm

the Ronald Reagan Greene… ugh I think I just vomited a little just from hearing that.

vado isn't it the same in rural louisiana?  every time I'm down in the south people just start randomly (apropos of nothing) bitching about obama, just assuming that i will (of course! i'm white!) agree… so irritating.  makes me feel slightly better about living in a place where the other side (which i normally would support) is so entrenched that THEY'RE pretty terrible too… 

Jul 25, 14 10:44 pm
vado retro

yes, manta i get that all the time being a middle aged white guy the conversation quickly goes from how are you to obama is ruining the country to it is the end of days. we had a guy working on our a/c recently and he almost fainted when he saw the sheppard fairey Yes We Did Obama poster hanging in better half's office.

Jul 26, 14 11:24 am

I live in an alternate universe where people talk about the green party candidate as if they have a shot.

Jul 26, 14 2:25 pm

I'm about to start a thread.  

Jul 26, 14 2:38 pm

Christopher Scoates named as new Director of Cranbrook.  I can't say I have much of an opinion but his resume looks good and I actually like the fact that he's an alum.

Jul 28, 14 10:22 am

I'M hanging on by a thread....

Jul 28, 14 10:50 am

hope it's a strong thread

Jul 28, 14 11:30 am

Has anyone gotten around to complaining about George Lucas hiring a Chinese firm to design his Chicago museum yet?


If not, please let me be first.

Jul 28, 14 12:08 pm

What's wrong with hiring an international firm?  Plenty of American firms do work in China.

Jul 28, 14 5:11 pm

I find that to be distasteful as well.


Architects claim to care about site specifics and cultural sensitivity and then simply plop huge buildings on sites willy-nilly with the majority of the design team having never set foot in the country much less spending any appreciable time at the site.

Jul 28, 14 5:17 pm

MAD architects - in case anyone was wondering... they do interesting work, IMO.  looks like half the partners went to school in the US.

Jul 28, 14 5:22 pm

I am not critiquing MAD or their work. I simply find it annoying when a plutocrat makes multiple major cities compete to get a building, then promptly ensures that a large portion of the money will not stay in that city (which has plenty of design talent to come up with a good idea).

Jul 28, 14 5:26 pm

@sneaky though to be fair - the land/pedestrian-scape design firm and executive architect role will be played by two local offices - Studio Gang and VOA associates.

And Donna, trying to do your best within context of not believing in what your doing, cannot be an easy thing. good luck.

Hi TC!

Jul 29, 14 7:47 pm

and vado re: that story sure it wasn't "GIN and bear it disposition back in Indy", what with the vomiting...

Jul 29, 14 7:48 pm

That's true, but it feels token to me. Granted I am not a part of the discussion or process. 

Jul 29, 14 8:17 pm

honestly, being from around here in chicago, i'm a little excited to get MAD here.  There are also a number of Chicago firms which specialize in peppering the landscape in China with towers (in some cases displacing slums in a questionable manner, though that has nothing to do with the a and e firms).  And, really, I'm tired of some of the more reserved modernist local architecture.  It should be a nice contrast and add a lot of flavor to our fair city (though it will sit next to soldier field out in our architectural sculpture garden of sorts).  Maybe that's being a little spoiled in the sense that we can curate our city like that, but whatevs.

Jul 29, 14 8:39 pm

I am excited to have a MAD building in Chicago (not that I live there). They do good work. I am sure plenty of local firms submitted to the rfq... It doesn't mean they are not talented, just that the client felt MAD was best suited for the project. 


I may have a move coming up! I always talk about how my slight detour out of college into structural design and steel detailing/ scripting, coding, analysis would someday pay off and I think I just got a pretty good job offer. Celebratory pickle? For a late snack. Nothing better around.

Jul 30, 14 2:02 am

Good luck with the possible move, archanonymous!

Jul 30, 14 7:22 am

My opinion is mostly unrelated to design and more related to the apparent (to me) lack of interest in keeping money and jobs in the country that made Lucas wealthy. My previous statement about plopitechture is only tangentially related to my overall distaste for Lucas the businessman. As a filmmaker, he's to be lauded (prequels aside, of course). With the salary-fixing scandal that his firm was actively engaged in, I find it hard to believe that Lucas the businessman gives two shits about anyone who isn't as important as he is. Just another plutocrat shitting wherever he prefers and trying to get the rest of us to believe it's ice cream.

Jul 30, 14 2:16 pm

sneaky - it's not really a museum - it's a mausoleum.  If he were interested in giving back he wouldn't be building a monument to himself.

Jul 30, 14 2:48 pm
Happened upon an angry white man "news" website. Reading the comments made me feel like I'd been dipped in a pig farm.
Jul 30, 14 2:50 pm

toaster, that's a very interesting point. We shall see what the cost to visit entails.

Jul 30, 14 4:07 pm

Why is George spending all his money in Chi-town when his fortune was made in LA?  I think Frank G should be bull shit that he didn't come to him to do yet another get LA Building. Ya that is the ticket...California Architects....should protest this shameful  thought of him building a Museum  in Chicago.


Jul 30, 14 7:41 pm

Many of them are, although I understand that wasn't the intent of your sarcasm.

Jul 30, 14 8:10 pm

I just want to say I'm a big fan of the posts by Amelia.

Jul 30, 14 10:42 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Ok, laugh all you want, but when Chicago is written chi-town, is it pronounced shitown? Or is there some other way to say it? Chai-town?
Jul 31, 14 5:06 pm
Jul 31, 14 5:44 pm

Morning all,

Anyone seen Linklater's Boyhood? Really want to see.

Toasterovern could agree more!

Aug 1, 14 10:34 am

Sarah - Chai-town is how I've heard it... usually thought it referred to a Chinatown until I heard deep dish being mentioned.

Aug 1, 14 4:40 pm
See, I don't understand how to pronounce "chai". This is why I never order it, this and the cardamom.
Aug 1, 14 5:40 pm

'k' as in 'kappa;

'I' as in Ice


Aug 1, 14 6:07 pm

I know how to pronounce cardamom, I just don't like it. It makes me feel queasy.

Aug 1, 14 9:07 pm
vado retro

it is pronounced shy town, as in shytown hustler, a famous dragster from my youth that often ran on Sunday!Sunday!Sunday! at US 30 dragstrip.

Aug 3, 14 9:32 am

GL, where is the accent? On the chee? the ca? or on the go? like, "Go, CHICA, GO!"

Aug 3, 14 9:37 am
vado retro

the chicago accent is one for movies about chicago with actors not from chicago. most residents of chicago are alums of neighboring big ten universities who have come to the big city to make their money and where their various big ten university hoodies during football season. 

Aug 3, 14 10:49 am
vado retro

the final season of The Killing is on Netflix. The victim is a rich anal retentive architect who is murdered along with most of his family in a sleek white pristine home. 

Aug 3, 14 11:07 am
Sarah Hamilton
Chai is pronounced Ch as in chop, and a long I - IF you are talking Indian chai. The Ethiopians pronounce it differently. Also, never say chai tea. The Indians and Pakis will all laugh at you. Chai means tea, so you're just saying tea tea.

I haven't had the Ethiopian chai, yet. I should ask a student to bring me some.
Aug 3, 14 12:06 pm

Because I am old, and far outside of contemporary culture in many ways, I'm just now watching Breaking Bad.  Walt is an asshole, but I'm enjoying the stories, and the views of ABQ and the desert.

Aug 4, 14 10:20 am

I just attended a ;lunch courtesy of Blood Hound Under Ground, our utility location company.  They did a lunch-n-learn for engineers and contractors....and my goodness, what a tough crowd!  Every AIA monthly meeting/presentation I've ever been to has been more prone to laughter, bawdy comments, and enthusiastic applause from the audience.  I guess architects know how to have fun off the clock, engineers don't.

Aug 4, 14 1:41 pm

Turkish tea, called çay (pronounced Chai, per Sarah's pronunciation)

Aug 4, 14 3:24 pm

My body is 47 but my sense of humor is still 12.

Aug 6, 14 4:59 pm

Took mrs snooker to the doctor for some test. They could not do the test, cause they want her Doctor to authorize a different test.  She is a mess,  and it seems Thursday is the day her Doctor takes off from work.  So now we have to suffer most likely till next week.  

Aug 6, 14 9:27 pm

Oh snook I hope Mrs. Snook is ok and gets better!

Aug 6, 14 10:58 pm
vado retro

haha you said boner.

Aug 7, 14 7:33 am

Just landed a big job and hired a new employee. Time to celebrate!

Aug 7, 14 8:15 pm
Excellent, tint! Congratulations!
Aug 7, 14 9:51 pm

Non Sequitur just posted a picture of a water-skiing squirrel on another thread.  It cracked me up, and lately I've been wondering what squirrels think of us.  They're practically domesticated animals, right?  When I walk the dog they scurry away but if I make the squirrel chatter noise they come close and look at me curiously.  I just wonder what is going through their little brains about humans.

Aug 8, 14 9:40 am
Non Sequitur

Thanks Donna. I just came back from 8 days camping in Yosemite and all I can say is that the squirrels there (as a result of inconsiderate tourists)  rival most house cats in size. We had to chase them out of our car more than once... how they managed to squeeze in before the doors closed is a mystery... or sorcery. Squirrel Sorcery = squircery!

patent pending.

I have 5 fat raccoon (and 3 skunks) that live in my urban backyard, we consider them part of our family.

Aug 8, 14 9:50 am

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