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A dot is a sphere with a radius of zero.

Aug 14, 14 10:24 am

welcome anvien

Aug 14, 14 11:01 am
Donna, the first definition of a dot that I gave you was the one you gave in your last post. Also, saying that a dot is cylinder was a rhetorical question to everybody because I already stated that dots have no depth. So they cannot be viewed as a line on end or they would have a infinitesimal number of depths. As lines proceed, hypothetically, forever.
Aug 14, 14 12:12 pm

I think it is more relevant to discuss this in terms of lineweight, not mathematical definitions. 

If you are outputting a .13mm line, a "dot" which is .13mm dia may not be large enough to read correctly - this also depends on how long the dashes are and how large the spaces are. 

If you are outputting a thick centerline (maybe it is white on dark background, or there is a good deal going on in the drawing,) a .5mm dia dot may be all you need for it to read clearly.

I also really like the look of a "square dot" which may be the dim of the line width in both directions, making it feel a bit more like a dot, but technically a dash.

I try to stick with pre-defined graphic standards, but within that, there is room to adjust everything to reinforce your particular aesthetic. Also, I am super anal and ocd, so designing the dashes on my centerlines does not strike me as an exercise in futility. 

Aug 14, 14 12:29 pm

a dot is a black hole.....

Aug 14, 14 7:25 pm


Aug 14, 14 8:08 pm
Sarah Hamilton
So I just discovered they make lace jock straps for men. I giggled like a 13 year old.
Aug 14, 14 9:02 pm

What we really want to know is how you found that out.

Aug 14, 14 9:20 pm

my picture of dot disappeared?  do we not allow images in thread central?

Aug 14, 14 11:19 pm
Sarah... That's called lingerie for men...
Aug 15, 14 2:25 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I was shopping on Amazon. Did a generic search. Learned there are also things called C-strings. Think on that a while.
Aug 15, 14 8:05 pm

curtkram - I found it here > ·

Aug 15, 14 11:36 pm
Apropos of nothing except that I still have it copied on my clipboard, here is a clip from the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom in which Merry Clayton's vocal track is isolated from Gimme Shelter. Watch til the end, it's chilling.
Aug 16, 14 10:30 am

Sarah  they also make banana  hammocks... don't touch that stuff with my 11 foot pole, which is a foot longer than my ten foot pole.

Aug 16, 14 6:37 pm
Is it just me or has forum activity been really slow lately?
Aug 17, 14 11:59 am

CD.Arch feel that way myself. assume it is because we are in last dregs of summer in Northern Hemisphere/USA...

Hi TC! I go on vacation in a week!

Aug 17, 14 1:37 pm
Perhaps you're right Nam. I'm feeling pretty bored lately myself.
Aug 17, 14 5:22 pm
Non Sequitur

CD.Arch, I find activity here to peak when my office starts getting wicked busy. Helps to spend time on the forums during those 60+ hour weeks.

July-August are the usual holiday months anyways.

Aug 18, 14 10:04 am

hey TC fell off the first page!

nite nite

Aug 20, 14 11:02 pm

I wish Israel would fall off the first page.

Aug 21, 14 1:03 pm
You and me both Miles. I'm tired of that thread. At least it's down to 1-2 posts a day rather than 1-50. Either they are realizing that it's no working or they're running out of stuff to post.
Aug 21, 14 1:20 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I'm a terrible person. I came home, after a terrible day at work, only to find our dog had broken into my room, and destroyed a pair of shoes, a bra, and underwear. I screamed. I yelled. I dragged him from under the bed by the leg, and I through him outside without his leash.

I'm sure he'll come back. Right? He's chipped, and his collar has my number on it, but I still feel bad. I guess you can't really appologize to a dog.

*someone just brought him back.
Aug 22, 14 6:18 pm

Sarah, take a breath. Or better yet take a lot of breaths. Mediation for even a few breaths can put things into proper perspective.

He was acting out because he was alone. Dogs are highly social and need near constant companionship.

Aug 22, 14 7:52 pm


We had a dog destroy a leather couch.  Something got behind one of the cushions and he just had to have it.  It is amazing how much damage they can do but you know you still love them and they love you  back even more.  That was our dog , "Matisse"   He also crashed thru a plate glass window one day going after a squirrel he saw outside in the back yard.

Thank God he didn't get hurt.

Aug 22, 14 8:10 pm

Oh Sarah, it happens.  Your doggie still loves you but be extra nice to him tonight and this weekend. 

We've had the same problem with Chica since I stopped working from home so she's alone most of the day.  The problem is a self-perpetuating cycle: they get stressed when you're not there, so they chew something up, so when you come home you yell, so then they get stressed the next time you leave that you're going to return and yell, so they chew something up. 

I've stopped yelling at Chica when I get home, and just latch every door, put away every shoe, etc. so she has no opportunity to destroy anything.  She frequently pulls paper and cardboard out of the trash can and shreds it up, so we just pet her and clean it up when we return. 

Aug 22, 14 10:24 pm

Sarah, sorry to hear that. Don't be too hard on yourself about it. Just take him for an extra long walk or play time this weekend. 

It seems ridiculous, but my dog needs about 15-25 toys at all times or he can't be left home alone without chewing through things. You could try more toys.

Aug 22, 14 11:36 pm

those kongs help with that, or so i hear.

a dog will act like a dog.  no point getting upset.  the shoes on the other hand shouldn't have gotten eaten.  i might be upset at the shoe if i were you.

Aug 23, 14 9:56 am

Kongs are good and last forever. 

Nylabone are really good too. My dog goes to town on them and loves the chocolate? flavor.

Aug 23, 14 3:49 pm

I'm starting to feel the same way about Zaha's face on the news link as I do about the boycott Israel thread.

Aug 24, 14 5:15 pm
That red lipstick is almost louder than the cries of outrage against her labor issues and destruction of homes...
Aug 24, 14 6:30 pm

I believe that lipstick color is more fuchsia than red.

I'll talk about this here on TC but not really in a thread about Zaha, ecause I don't think we should be bringing personal appearance into discussions focused on work and professionalism: Zaha is freaking gorgeous.  I think it was long-ago Archinecter LEDsignal light who said her "sheer will to power is undeniably sexy".  I despise her politics, I think her right-hand-man is a twit, I hate about half of her body of work, and I get twitchy and angry thinking about her reputation for being dismissive to people below her self-perceived station but damn, you have to respect how uncompromising she is when it comes to her appearance and style.

Aug 24, 14 9:21 pm

Style is not even skin deep.

Aug 24, 14 10:27 pm

My favorite quote about style: "Style is takin' what ya got and puttin' it where ya don't."

Aug 24, 14 10:57 pm
chatter of clouds

Donna, sometimes....I find myself agreeing with you.

I think the "right hand man" is equally literal, as in right-winged. a right wing architectural avant garde, if it could be said that way.

Aug 25, 14 1:14 am

Seriously, look at what she's wearing here:

It's devastatingly perfect. The world is swooning over Beyonce's performance and general existence but Zaha does it for me. Just wish she would use her powers - such incredible powers! - for good.

Aug 25, 14 12:17 pm

Hiked into one of the most fantastic works of natural architecture this weekend...Tonto natural bridge...the architects name is water.  

Aug 25, 14 12:45 pm

Donna- I am hesitant to call her style good or bad, but it is certainly unique and memorable, which is a good thing to be within the profession. She obviously "gives no fucks" and it comes through in her work, dress, and (unfortunately) political leanings, but it is (at least for me) all part of a larger whole. 



I have always preferred taste over style....

Although a messed-up face like Kahn's makes for a memorable visage as well...

Aug 25, 14 12:49 pm

There's tasteful style, and tasteless style, and I think room for both.  Sometimes some things should be unrestrained. 

Kahn's face is also beautiful, and memorable.  I've said this before but will repeat: the novel Geek Love deeply affected how I view what we'd call normalized (boring) beauty as opposed to distinctive appearance.

I feel embarrassed and like a cultural appropriation-er whenever my yoga teacher asks us all to say "namaste" to one another but the notion of seeing the beauty of all others is definitely resonant.

Aug 25, 14 12:59 pm

Is that giant scorpion around her neck a favored pet, a bodyguard, an alien symbiot or just an endangered species? Or maybe it's a previously hidden appendage exposed for the first time?

That feathered thing looks like it's made from the plumage of the rare ruby albatross.

Aug 25, 14 1:28 pm

Miles, I think that scorpion is actually her biomechanical heart...kinda like the one Iron man has.

Aug 25, 14 1:33 pm

Guys, the Oakwood Modern house trial is in closing arguments right now, following it on twitter - way more exciting than the World Cup (but with a potentially serious outcome).

Aug 26, 14 11:48 am
Saw Zaha speak once. So rude that I've dismissed her ever since. There's "will to power" and there is just plain rudeness. I'm amazed she gets clients.
Aug 26, 14 9:36 pm

Some rich people are so used to getting their asses kissed that they kiss the asses of those who don't. Weird, huh? Treat 'em like shit and they lap it up. Amazing. 

Aug 26, 14 9:58 pm

Zaha was absolutely great, cocky, confident and talented in 1985 when I first saw her at SCI-ARC. I vividly remember she was condescendingly asked why she'd use an Arab engineer on her Hong Kong Peak project and she defiantly said "why not, afterall they are the best engineers coming from the culture who developed the modern calculus." At that point she made me very proud coming from that part of the world and I knew she was going to go far with her talent.


Aug 26, 14 10:06 pm

Orhan my best friend and former business partner saw Zaha speak in Tokyo in 1988, he said the same thing.  She was making all her own clothing then.  I admit I have had a soft spot for her ever since, even when I'm repulsed by her behavior.

Aug 26, 14 11:06 pm

Primate Studies

One can only wonder how we've managed to get on for as long as we have.

Aug 27, 14 10:32 am


Right, because reinforcing cultural, racial, and ethnic divisions is a good thing when one is practicing architecture at a global scale. 

If the only jobs left were at ZHA i would become a hippie and hang out with the ape from Miles' post.

Aug 27, 14 12:09 pm

archanonymous, do keep in mind that the lecture Orhan references was almost 30 years ago.  The world was very different then - it was nowhere near as "global" as it is now.

Aug 27, 14 1:34 pm

i wouldn't mind becoming a hippie and hanging out with a chimp.  i might dress the chimp like zaha though.  then i would yell at the chimp about post-fordist neoliberalism too. 

Aug 27, 14 3:14 pm

In 1985 she had exactly ZERO built projects - even during her brief stint at OMA (who also didn't build anything until the mid 80s, btw).  I'm imaging that question orhan references (not on the video, btw) was more about exposing her naivety of architectural practice (i.e. why wouldn't you hire someone who was familiar with local codes and construction practices?) than it was about the superiority of structural engineers.  I'm guessing If she were answering honestly she probably would have said ARUP - but I think the answer was more "it doesn't matter."  She does act obnoxious toward someone who said her drawings were difficult for them to understand...  but I guess that's par for the course...


I don't know if people caught the little jab early in the questions: "is there a contract?"  "the contract has evaporated."

Aug 27, 14 3:48 pm

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