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Squircery LOL.  I will adopt this terminology.  They use squircery to steal my tomatoes, damn them.

Aug 8, 14 9:51 am
Non Sequitur

Those sneaky buggers.

Aug 8, 14 10:12 am

Squirrels in my neighborhood reportedly have the plague so I don't let them get too close. But if they have the plague, why are there so many?

Aug 8, 14 10:17 am

i had a bunch of green tomatoes.  i was excited to eat them once they turned red.  not a single one made it.  i'm going to build a greenhouse.  however, i find myself with the same problem as many of my clients, where what i can afford just isn't lining up with what i want.

i will plan on putting anti-squircery warding spells on my greenhouse once it's done.

Aug 8, 14 10:26 am

Curt, you can build a hot frame from an old door or window. I've never done it, but they look easy and fun. 

Aug 8, 14 11:01 am

thanks tint.  i didn't think of that, but i just knocked a bunch of windows out of my house too...

Aug 8, 14 11:04 am

Ugh, curt that's where I'm headed! I keep picking the tomatoes *just* before they're ripe enough because I'm fearful if I wait another day they'll be lost to the power of squircery.

One year I wrapped the whole raised bed in chicken wire.  It did work, but made harvesting more difficult.

Aug 8, 14 11:16 am

Squircery, ha!  The UofMN student paper was full of squirrel conspiracy stories (they being the Gophers, it made sense).

I've got chicken wire around the entire garden (which they'll climb over on occasion and the chipmunks can still squeeze through on their way in.  I've noticed they usually are going for the juice when it's dry out.  A light spray of garlic infused oil with a dusting of cayenne pepper seems to keep them away.  Just make sure to wash them before you eat!

Aug 8, 14 12:50 pm

Squircery is almost a googlewhack with one term.

Weird garden year. Season 2-3 weeks behind and cooler than normal. My Thai chili peppers are nowhere near bearing fruit. Also one of the summer squash plant just went belly up. Great cherry tomatoes though, like eating candy off a vine. And have put up 6 quarts of pickles so far.

Aug 8, 14 1:47 pm

Any of you folks know of people in the SF area? I'd like to put out some networking tendrils.

Aug 8, 14 3:40 pm

What type of work, SneakyPete? Straight architecture or something tangentially related?

I am going home now.  Half an hour of power yoga then bourbon and pizza. Good weekend everyone!

Aug 8, 14 4:48 pm

All of the above. I'm not entirely sure whether I want to stay in the practice, need to see what else is out there tangentially related. I currently hold a job, I simply want to get out there.

Aug 8, 14 4:51 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I love the squirrels in my neighborhood. They are still the old red squirrels. Non of that French grey squirrel interbreeding here!
Aug 8, 14 7:03 pm

Donna,  Mrs snook...did fine with her test today....and we went for the best  "Peaches and Cream"  Ice cream to celebrate.

Earlier this year I rebuilt or raise bed garden and well the Tomatoes are like giant plants with  lots of tomatoes, zukes are also doing great, and green beans which are not in garden are providing us ample greens so we can mix things up during the we week. 

Our apple tree was given a  drastic hair cut this past winter but not early enough so no Tomatoes so I thought, due to the trim.  However I was talking to an  older friend who has four trees in her yard and she was telling me they have no  apples, so maybe it was just the localized weather killing the blossoms in the late Spring.

We are busy doing a new restaurant  at an old restaurant location.  It is one of those non stop projects. Mrs S is doing menus, signage , interior table chair selections with the owner.  I'm crafting the over all build out.  Working with  a lot of great people to get a job done in a short period of time.   Learned some interesting things on this project, like how to age new hemlock wood to make it look old with simple off the shelf products.

We also closed out two projects this past week.  Thank God!

Have a proposal to write this weekend for  a property and client with a lot of promise.

Have another proposal to write this weekend for a property with  a nyc  designer for the build out of there project.  Not so excited about that one as preliminary drawings look a little lacking and very expensive to build and the owner has already  started looking for ways to make the project look less expensive. 

Have another house proposal for a younger couple. New house they seem nice enough, just hope we can guide them in the right direction.

Then I have a bucket load of other projects we are trying to keep under control.  It has been a seven day a week kind of Summer.

Aug 8, 14 9:02 pm

the owner has already  started looking for ways to make the project look less expensive

I can think of lots of really expensive ways to do that.

Aug 10, 14 11:08 am

A foam pediment or two should do the trick.

Aug 11, 14 11:08 am

I once worked on a project where they VE'd out EIFS.

Aug 11, 14 3:03 pm

^ LOL 

Aug 11, 14 5:14 pm

I want to be a value engineering consultant, just for the contradiction inherent in the job title. -- Sitting in the airport now. i flew in this morning, interviewed, signed letters of intent, and flying home currently. This feels like the calm before the storm - when i get home i have 2 weeks to pack my life up and move to a new city, and i still have a solo art design show to complete and mount for October 1... in my old city no less.

Aug 11, 14 9:25 pm

hi TC!

I woke up at 6am Sat to swim down the Ichetucknee River from head-springs (they reach capacity at 8:30 am), then spent afternoon/evening at work. also, did yoga night before great weekend!

Aug 11, 14 10:07 pm
I bet you're pretty proud of that one. Glad you know what an equals sign is. Congrats, man.
Aug 12, 14 12:37 am

I like that the ad at the top of the forums is  "become a certified personal trainer!"  ... With pictures of 6-pack abs.

Aug 12, 14 1:43 pm

that ad is probably tailored to your search patterns.  mine is a hard drive.

Aug 12, 14 1:54 pm
Non Sequitur

Mine was an add from McDonalds.

Aug 12, 14 1:55 pm

McDonalds? The ad bots think I should get an M Arch. 

Aug 12, 14 2:04 pm

there are ads on here?

Aug 12, 14 5:12 pm

OK you guys this is very important: what drawing convention do you use for CENTERLINES?

long dash ,short dash, long dash


long dash, dot, long dash


Aug 12, 14 10:16 pm

Long dash, short dash, long dash. 

Aug 12, 14 11:24 pm


according to the national cad standard dash dot dash is for contract limit line.

Aug 13, 14 1:49 pm

I just prefer the dash-dot-dash so much.  Hmmm, it's a quandary.

Aug 13, 14 2:02 pm

A dot is just a really short dash. Just be consistent with your style, and notate C/L if less than perfectly clear.

Aug 13, 14 2:06 pm

Hahaha though I'm at risk of leading us down the same path as the discussion on Moebius reality a dot is just a veryveryvery short dash, but it's meant to represent a point, which is *not* a line at all.

Aug 13, 14 2:12 pm
Sarah Hamilton
But dots are circles, and dashes are rectangles.
Aug 13, 14 6:51 pm
In geometrical terms, dots have no dimensions and simply show location...
Aug 13, 14 7:00 pm

I use the Morris Code center line , just in case who ever is looking at the drawing is really bored.

Aug 13, 14 7:09 pm
LOL snook, secret messages in our site plans...

Sarah I'm thinking of a dash as a line (relationship between two points) and a dot as a point locating the middle point between two lines.

So this: _ . _ would actually designate the relationship between five points (assume the dot is not out of vertical alignment with the lines). But I like the idea of the line as an object AND the dot as an object, CD.Arch your explanation of the dot as having no properties notwithstanding.

I think I'm overthinking this.
Aug 13, 14 8:48 pm

in reality a dot is just a veryveryvery short dash, but it's meant to represent a point, which is *not* a line at all.

A dot is just a line viewed end on.

Never heard of Morris Code. But I use Morse code in my drawings all the time.

Mostly  . . . _ _ _ . . .

Aug 13, 14 10:16 pm

Wait, is a dot is a line viewed end on related to string theory?

Aug 13, 14 10:36 pm
That implies that a dot has unseen depth, and a third dimension in a 2 dimensional sense. Is that even possible?
Aug 13, 14 11:08 pm
chatter of clouds

No. A dot has the possibility of being a line viewed end on but not thedefinitude. A line viewed end on will have the definitude of seeming like a point.

Seeming is the possibility of exceeding what is being seemed.

Aug 13, 14 11:23 pm
If I were to put .<---That dot. Does it have depth in two space? No. It can't. That's impossible. That seems to be overthinking it to me. To the human eye, it's a dot. It has no depth, and cannot be thought of to continue endlessly in that direction.
Aug 13, 14 11:33 pm
Half of my post was deleted. I am confused.
Aug 13, 14 11:37 pm

At one time the universe was a dot.

Or so they say.

Aug 13, 14 11:48 pm
If a dot has depth, AND is circular, isn't it a cylinder?
Aug 13, 14 11:54 pm

If a dot is just a point, it has a radius of 0 and therefore would not be a cylindar

Aug 14, 14 7:31 am

Do digital dots have depth? Or do only printed dots have depth?

Aug 14, 14 7:50 am
Non Sequitur

Oh no, I remember this conversation from 1st year intro to architecture. I think this ends up with hypercubes somehow.

Aug 14, 14 8:02 am

I'm partial to my high school geometry definitions:

A point has no qualities other than location. We use a dot to signify the point, but the physical qualities of the dot are irrelevant.

A line is the shortest distance between two points. The line also has no physical properties (width) except length.

But when we put these items in a drawing they do take on physical properties. My lines always have bippies - in school that's what we called the heavier weight of the line at the beginning and end.  So in my hand drafting, each line is two points connected by a tension member.

Aug 14, 14 8:15 am
Non Sequitur

You should have sharpened your pencils more then.


Aug 14, 14 8:20 am

Two dashes with a tension member?  I had a prof who insisted that no one would know where my lines ended unless I had the thickened dashes at the ends...

Aug 14, 14 10:08 am

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