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One of my former students from the Governor's School, so a high schooler, was just accepted to Cooper Union.  I'm excited and proud, like a mom or something.

Apr 10, 13 10:10 am
Sarah Hamilton


Apr 10, 13 11:35 am

super yay! she's so awesome.

Apr 10, 13 3:24 pm
vado retro

Awesomeness and a early Happy Birthday to Super awesome Donna!

Apr 10, 13 3:49 pm
It's tragic. We need to start a thread on it and call for a boycott of the new project by all architects. If MOMA moves ahead with this I will never step foot in their museum again.
Apr 10, 13 7:56 pm

The "Museum of Modern Art" is clearly an oxymoronic name.

Apr 10, 13 8:36 pm
vado retro

MoMA has me really pissed right now!

Apr 10, 13 10:14 pm

I wonder how much all that copper is worth...

Apr 10, 13 10:37 pm

In our AIA Board meeting tonight we discussed a local city official who wants to improve the quality of our built environment (yay for city guy!).  One of his ideas was that he wants to have a design review group of some sort, maybe not an official part of the permit process but a group of architects who can provide critique and hopefully helpful commentary on proposed projects.  There was much gnashing of teeth about architects offending other architects and it's a delicate situation and etc, ending with the question: how would we do this?

My response was I'd drink a bourbon and then start talking. It really is that easy.

Apr 11, 13 10:24 pm

Architectural review boards are problematic. If staffed them with architects you invariably have conflicts of ego and interest. If staffed with laymen you're better off not having a review board. Never thought about having them run by AA, but that might actually be the most viable solution.

Apr 12, 13 12:00 am

Architectural Review Boards have been around for awhile. I have sat on a couple and sometimes we were saving the Architects Ass....from a cheap ass owner.  Making them rethink the process. Although we never had any real clout, we were an advisory board who passed along a favorable finding to the planning and zoning commission.  It is important to remember your place and review not design. Let their architect do the designing.  There were also lay people involved in the process, which also is not a bad idea.  I found the knee jerk people usually jumped ship quickly when they figured out what  the review board was about. 

I have been on both ends of the stick, and it has helped me in presenting my projects not only to review boards but also to  P&Z, insland wetland boards, and ZBA Boards.

Apr 12, 13 12:05 pm

IMO - should be more like an advisory committee to help move along a zoning appeal process.  You can change the zoning so that certain districts require an appeal for any alteration to the exterior or new construction (most lots in my city are "non-conforming").


I've been through design reviews around here - it's far more collegial and productive than a neighborhood hearing in a place where a bunch of architects live.

Apr 12, 13 12:11 pm

snook - you beat me to it.

Apr 12, 13 12:13 pm
I know this is maudlin and corny but seriously: hold the ones you love and tell them so often. I had a very bad fall tonight - I tripped hard and landed throat-first on the wooden back of a folding chair. Called my sister the doctor to see if I should get checked out and she told me what warning signs to be aware of that would mean I should head to the ER. She also told me if I'd landed on something that didn't collapse under the weight of me landing on it with my throat I could easily be dead. I'm currently icing my throat and thanking my lucky stars. It's the stupid accidents, they can get you any time. Be careful out there, 'necters!
Apr 12, 13 11:29 pm

geebus donna, ease up on hangin with steven and all that harsh kentucky sour mash! glad you be okee dokee.

Apr 13, 13 12:22 am

That is an okee dokee from me as well Donna. 

Apr 13, 13 7:19 am

how did i get to be part of this conversation? obviously i think the problem is that donna WASN'T in kentucky. 

be careful, ms sink. indy is obviously a dangerous city. 

we love you and don't want you hurt ever. 

Apr 13, 13 8:29 am
Sarah Hamilton
Didn't you just have a birthday, Donna? Are you losing your faculties already?

Glad you're ok. Hope there's no bruise. Bruises on the neck look, well, you can always wear a scarf.....
Apr 13, 13 9:46 am
Ironically, I tripped due to a blatant code violation in a temporary event space...that happens to be my husband's shop. So if I weren't me I could sue his ass! I'll get payback thru other means like him getting my car washed ands king me meals. I had drunk about two sips of beer and tragically the rest of it flew out of my hand when I tripped - and thankfully didn't soak anyone. It was quite spectacular - I was moving fast up an aisle in the seating area and tripped on a concrete pad that jutted out into the aisle. Probably flew about six feet forward due to momentum. Of course, if *I* had helped them arrange the seating I wouldn't have allowed an aisle to be put there, being that I am officially licensed by the state to protect public health safety yadda-yadda-yadda!

The event was called 5x5: Make Your City. It's a series of 5 events at which 5 presenters show 5 slides of their idea and compete to win $10,000 to implement it. Last night's winner was The Cool Bus, a team who is outfitting an old school bus to serve as a mobile art lab for kids. We had 400 people in Brian's shop, two food trucks, two brewers. It was a great event full of creatives. Makes me feel like Indy has a lot going on!
Apr 13, 13 10:12 am
Sarah Hamilton
I envy you. Where was Angus during all of this?
Apr 13, 13 10:55 am

Our Little Lady is going to Fly tomorrow.  It has been about a month and a half since we have been in this project up to our necks in  (well you have the idea).  Rigger came today and we set up the steel support for the rigging to move the diner.  Tomorrow morning we will have,  "The Crane"  on site and the lowboy flat bed truck on site to lift her off of her existing foundation load her onto the truck  bed and transport her to a large factory warehouse, where the restoration will take place. We are like a bunch of boys building a fort.  Actually I should say Boys and Girls as it is a mix of people providing all kinds of support.  We are hoping for a successful move with minor damage. We will be going more public over the next couple of week so stay tuned.

Apr 13, 13 6:31 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Fingers crossed!
Apr 13, 13 6:43 pm

Thanks and your husband will love this project. We have a couple of antique car restoring buff in the mix.

Apr 13, 13 6:48 pm
Snook what are you moving? A streetcar diner?
Apr 13, 13 10:18 pm

We made the move....with great success!  It is a rush to fly diners....28,000 lb of building picked up and sat on a low boy flat bed  and hauled away to a facility where we can restore the pretty lady.  Donna if you interested go to  We will be loading video of the move before to long.  We started and 6:00 am and the Crane pulled off the site by 8:30.I might add all community volunteers. The Crane, the mover, the people who busted there butts to get  her ready to move.  Along with a lot of positive help from City Hall.  It is not everyday you get to Fly a Diner and haul her down the road.  10-4" wide 35'-0" long.

Apr 14, 13 3:11 pm

One of the students I wrote letters of recommendations turned down Yale, MIT, UCLA, and Virginia Tech. and choose GSD. 3 out of 3 in last 3 years to GSD.. I am really happy...

Take care LB sounded like an awful and strange fall. Great that you have a Dr. sister you can call anytime.

Apr 14, 13 4:56 pm

Liberty....your sister ever think of a Practice Based Around Architects....who  can afford to pay very little?....Think Not...but sisters are wonderful!  Glad your OK!  I myself chose to wrestle with a Cement Truck.....but that is another story....however I did  survive....thank God I had insurance.

Apr 14, 13 6:26 pm

donna i saw you in the funny papers!  it is easy to forget that archinect is really public and people can treat what is said here as quotes in an article...

don't know why but reminds of the world of judge dredd (in the comics not the movies)

Apr 14, 13 7:08 pm

why are you reading a NYC real estate blog?

Apr 14, 13 11:19 pm

wow, interesting find will.  i guess 'journalism' can now include trolling internet forums.

Apr 15, 13 7:42 am

curbed is a real estate gossip site that is mostly an aggregater of legit news stories - they rarely do original pieces but if they do it's almost always an editorial.  although - I know something I wrote here once was quoted in one of the arch mags (along with parts of an entire thread).  people pay attention to what we write - even if it usually represents the fringe nutjob opinion.


anyway - the NYC one tends to be somewhat more acerbic than the others - especially when they're poking fun at "hot karl."

Apr 15, 13 9:53 am

oh dear.  it's kind of fun being a fringe nut job on occasion, but sometimes i wonder if i really want to be thought of as a fringe nut job, or known as such in the greater outside world.

there is mr. anderson and there is neo.  sometimes the two should be kept apart ;)

also, aggregator blogs suck.  it's like hollywood remaking red dawn.  sort of like 'creativity,' but the exact opposite and probably the cause of the death of creativity.  curbed can quote me on that, without asking for permission since the internets is public domain.

Apr 15, 13 10:54 am

Sorry - I don't get the domestic commercial film references.  What I know of the cinemas are largely obscure pretentious art house films preferably in french and, of course, bill and ted's excellent adventure.


That said - I'd be more concerned about a remake of Un Chien Andalou.

Apr 15, 13 1:57 pm

wtf - someone set off bombs at the finish line of the boston marathon.

Apr 15, 13 3:48 pm
vado retro

touching the lower 90's in the dirty south, y'all.

Apr 16, 13 12:06 pm

in temperature and humidity level

Apr 16, 13 12:11 pm
vado retro

at louisiana tech for a lecture on "negro" buildings by mabel wilson from Columbia.

Apr 16, 13 7:33 pm

vado, is that local IQ?!

Sorry, couldn't resist.  My family is deep southern so I'm just ribbing my folks.

I'm loving that architect wife thread - the advice column was the first thing that got me reading the newspaper as a kid (and letters to the editor) and I still love a good advice column!

Apr 16, 13 8:23 pm
vado retro

funny, lb!

Apr 17, 13 7:34 am

look what I found on sale!



Apr 17, 13 4:46 pm
Sarah Hamilton


Apr 17, 13 5:00 pm
Sarah Hamilton
New topic:

One of my students is really homesick, missing India and his motorbike. I feel for him. He lives with his parents here, so I don't know that bringing him food would help. Besides, it's technically illegal for a teacher to do that. But I'd like to do something. Any thoughts?
Apr 17, 13 7:34 pm
vado retro

I know how he feels. I miss Indiana too.

Apr 17, 13 7:41 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Funny. How hard is it to get a motorcycle shipped over?
Apr 17, 13 7:46 pm

I do not miss Indiana.

Apr 17, 13 7:49 pm
How about making culture education part of your curriculum so he gets a chance to show everyone his old way of life.

You can alao tell him it goes in waves and after awhile he won't miss his birthplace much at all. At least that's how it works for expats here. If he stays long enough hell even get to enjoy reverse culture shock when he goes back.
Apr 18, 13 12:29 am
Sarah Hamilton
I'd love to include culture in my classes, but I'm teaching computer programming and gaming, and its hard enough to teach them to code Tetris, let alone put cultural references into their stuff. Besides, he's not actually in my classes, he's in my cricket club. I will mention what you've said, though. He comes to see me during his lunch period, makes me listen to Punjabi rap artists, and watch Punjabi cartoons on YouTube. In return, I make him speak English, and do his homework.
It's funny watching him navigate this new world. He's in 11th grade, and appreciates girls as much as any young man, but courting is so different here that he's lost. Apparently in India, you do all your flirting with the eyes, and here he has to speak to them. He gets nervous and just runs away. Literally. Poor kid.
Apr 18, 13 8:48 am

punjabi cartoons?  that sounds kind of horrible.  surely if a teenager wants to be global and multi-cultural and wants to watch cartoons he would be watching anime.  or my little pony.

Apr 18, 13 9:45 am

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