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Yes the Ballet Company (school)   is early age thru High school. They have a full school year program and draw students from around the world.   The Ballet last night  is one of their major performances. It is a variety of  ages  with the  most advanced students getting to show there stuff.  There a  youth out of this program who move into  professional companies upon graduation.  It is a first class act.  The works are mainly classical but  they do have an association with Moses Pendleton of Momix.  They performed a couple of his pieces at the end of the evening which were jaw dropping in the world of  beauty.  I kept thinking damn this is really good stuff and these are junior high and high school students.

Anyhow were doing some work on their Building, my part being mostly fixing things.  Mrs. Snooker  is reworking their retail store, and doing a tea room, and revisions  their street facade for a more friendly street appearance.  She is also doing some branding for them in defining their graphic package.  We are hoping for a long association with a first rate school.

We are moving the diner from its current location (which is common)  It is a complex story. Which would take way to much time on this site.  I will let you know  once we have our web site up and running.  It will be loaded with information.  This think has been like a clap of thunder.

Mar 24, 13 5:43 pm
whiskey from utah, vado?! hrmph.

(kidding. i'm no snob... though i do *try* to be kentucky-patriotic.)
Mar 24, 13 7:19 pm
David Cuthbert

Heya all. Sorry for the long bout of silence. I've been busily putting together the school's peer review publication which is finally complete and back from the printers. And also I successfully completed all my registration examinations. I'm just waiting on my registration numbers and then I'll be partaking in some of that whiskey too... or bourbon.

Also I'll be in Columbus for the Easter weekend. Holler if you are close by. 

Mar 24, 13 11:28 pm
vado retro

congrats, techno!!!

yeah i thought the same thing steven. we also tasted some from alabamy as well.

Mar 25, 13 7:05 am

ooh i just started seeing the High West brand around Gville. Good stuff i thought.

also good morning all.

Mar 25, 13 8:47 am
Sarah Hamilton

Texas has whiskey now, too.  Haven't tried any of it, though.

Mar 25, 13 11:21 am

Up here we've got a resurgence of "new england style" rums and gins.  Rum is particularly interesting to me because there's a whole bunch of small producers trying to recreate "traditional" aged styles that people haven't tasted since the 19th century.  I've tried some and it's kind of reminiscent of butterscotch...


the few people I know who drink hard liquor around here do things like vodka martinis, gin and tonics, or dark and stormys (or shots of this nasty mint shit called Dr. McGillicuddy).  most people drink beer.

Mar 25, 13 2:33 pm

i tend to drink mostly beer, but enjoy a neat whiskey on side. also sometimes get a craving for a DIRTY martini with blue cheesed olives.....

Mar 25, 13 3:52 pm

I'm craving a cement mixer right now.........

Mar 25, 13 5:39 pm
Sarah Hamilton
With or without the elephant trunk?
Mar 25, 13 5:59 pm
Apples grow in Japan but we don't have agri-business nor cheap labor from desparate neighbors ( well not like USA anyway ). So yeah a 1.50 for an apple. For a cheap apple mind. Expensive fruits are priced according to crazy ass market populated by the financial folks. They'll pay more n 10 bucks for apple in a wrapper and not think twice. Money and reason do not always go hand in hand...

Congrats david. Awesome news!
Mar 25, 13 7:35 pm

nor cheap labor from desparate neighbors ( well not like USA anyway )

Why always putting out a jab at the USA?  Most of us who are familiar with Canada like it ... and say nothing negative about it.  In fact, I don't know ANY Americans who have an issue with Canada.

Mar 25, 13 8:08 pm

Better late then never...

Mmmm... Kewpie. Mr melt introduced me to that when we visited the local Japanese grocery store a  few months back.  He has also got me hook on gyudon, gyosa, and yaksoba, not to mention the ever amazing ponzu sauce.

 Funny I see puddles mentioned, as I was just filing my nails today.

HI DAVID!!!!!  How long are you south of C-bus?  It would be so cool if we could meet up, just not about the logistics of it all.


And with that it's back in the mist I go

Mar 25, 13 9:08 pm

Canada's like southern indiana with single payer health care.

Mar 25, 13 9:17 pm

Nah, Canada is exactly like the states adjacent to it, with metric speed signage and single payer health care.

Mar 25, 13 9:33 pm

so - like north "life begins at conception" dakota?

Mar 25, 13 9:46 pm
Thank god not.

Observant that's because Canada is so fkucing awesome. And you know....Ron Paul. USA is so easy to poke fun at.

And frankly my crack is true. Farms here are still family run and usually just a few acres and there are no cheap workers slipping under the border and even fewer farmers willing to use them if they are here. So we pay more. Even after liberalization farm goods cost a shiteload. I kinda like the setup to be honest. Not against American way either ce think on it.
Mar 26, 13 6:14 am

I am on a road trip right now, (in the states) and happen to have about 10 apples with me, staring at me right now as I read this, and it prompted an uhmazing idea: can I pay for a trip to Japan by bringing a few suitcases of apples and selling them there? I am only halfway kidding. I know customs would get me, but this is a fun thought experiment.

Mar 26, 13 8:43 am
Sarah Hamilton

Nah, just pack your apples inside a box full of old clothes.  

Mar 26, 13 11:56 am

Observant that's because Canada is so fkucing awesome.

Yes, and if you read my post, you'll see I am in agreement with you.  Canada IS awesome.  No argument there.

Mar 26, 13 3:53 pm
They'd have to be pretty awesome apples. Japanese don't accept anything but the good stuff.

The cool thing is the expensive apples signify/ensure that economic gaps are not as extreme in Japan, cuz the govt has worked hard to make it so. Working wages, mandated healthcare insurance, no guns, and the better the school the lower the tuition (meritocracy based education, wtf?). It's like Rachel Maddow designed the country with advice from Ron Paul to make sure the govt stayed out where it wasn't needed.

Scientists still need to go to America to make the dream real though. Same like wit the baseball players. America stays way ahead on the place to be chart even with all that seems wrong with it. Which is pretty cool if you think about it. What do people really want? Seems like it is not really the stuff everyone is fighting about but another category of stuff altogether.
Mar 26, 13 7:07 pm

I think I told you all that even a tiny dive bar in Brussels has delicious freshly-made high quality food? In the US we've just become so accustomed to cardboard-flavored enormous everything.

Mar 26, 13 8:54 pm

It really surprises me that scientists have to make their dream real. I always thought Japan was years ahead of us in that department.

Mar 26, 13 8:57 pm

Thankfully, not in my town, Dona.  My town is more like Brussels.  Not everywhere in the US is giant cardboard food... and we have reasonably priced apples grown locally on small family farms.  Didn't realize I should be so thankful for all this!

Mar 26, 13 11:22 pm

 In the US we've just become so accustomed to cardboard-flavored enormous everything.


oh man - I can think of about a dozen or so really offensive comments here.... 

Mar 26, 13 11:36 pm

good morning all. I was at a 6 am meeting this am. Good news is i get to start going to it every week now!

also @toasteroven i wonder how many of us went there...

Mar 27, 13 7:42 am

GOooooD MoRNINg, so, my structural engineer decided to read the geotech report yesterday, good, it's important to read those things i guess. although, now i'm just guessing here, it's probably more important to read those reports, i don't  know, earlier than one week prior to bid documents being due? right?

Mar 27, 13 8:04 am

beta, i think it's a big win they read the report before the backhoe is rented.

there isn't really a lot of information in a geotech report except to occasionally say you have to do it different this one time.  a project tends to take as long as the time allotted, so if you have a week to do something that should only take 5 minutes, it's probably going to take a week (and there is a fair chance it will still be 2 days late).  as long as the geotech report doesn't say you need piers, the structure guy has plenty of time to copy and paste from their last project.

i hope by 'bid documents due' you mean you send out for bid rather than bids are due.

Mar 27, 13 9:23 am

sounds not good beta, if the structure needs to change as a result...?

agree donna, the food quality in usa and europe was appallingly horrible compared to here.  japan is a nation of foodies and we eat well.  hole in the wall restaurants are awesome delish.  very lucky.  even a guy like me who doesn't care that much can taste the difference.

@melt. i dunno, if you wanna do cutting research i wouldn't say japan is the place to be for a lot of it.  and amerika is still the place to go to monetize the discoveries.  there are a few nobel winners hanging around but am pretty sure the bulk of winners are still in north america.  will be interesting to see if that changes as amerika pushes to dismantle its once awesome educational system...although listening to the gay marriage testimony today it does sound like some senior lawyish folk don't have a clue about how reproduction works, so maybe its too late already.  amazing

Mar 27, 13 10:47 am

Someone told me that Japan is the largest importer of US grains and those imports are at an all time high. I find this hard to believe, especially since I thought Japan banned GMO's, but I googled it and found it's true. Food for thought.

Mar 27, 13 12:46 pm

Will, we don't spell your home country Kanada, so drop your animosity for Amerika.  Oh, yeah, the Supreme Court.  You've got Kagan who is making the reproduction argument and you've got Scalia who says that the institution of same-sex marriage is newer than cell phones or the internet.  I'm with Scalia.  It's amazing.  So much of the modern world is polarized these days.  You either think "total left" or "total right."  There's no representation for those who think "middle of the road."  The whole thing with same sex marriage is about semantics, so people can flout a time-honored institution.  Many/most don't care about the domestic partnership label, and even the rights that come with it, but this is a fight over a word ... a true pissing contest.  It's also generational.  When it comes up in university settings in their social science departments for discourse - yes, discourse, where it actually does occur, as opposed to a-school - profs. are indicating that students who hold the unpopular opinion (i.e. CON) are not speaking up to avoid being ostracized by their peers for the politically incorrect point of view.  Kind of like driving a Prius when you're flush with cash ... to make a statement, that is ...

Mar 27, 13 3:38 pm

i understand why you're concerned observant

you're arguing semantics because your position has no merit.  it isn't a "total left" and "total right" polarization.  it's "total right" and everyone else.  a moderate isn't going to deny another human being the same rights they have and everyone else has.  keep dwelling on your religion and it's word though.  if we were all treated equal you might look bad for hating other people.

Mar 27, 13 4:56 pm

Come on, curt.

Your point with that youtube is kind of drastic.  That youtube is in very bad taste and any person can see that.

Some people are totally cool with people's partnerships and grew up with same sex couples owning and renting houses on the same street, and they didn't get an ounce of flack .  We are not interested in "let's see if we can push the envelope another time."  BTW, there are architectural environments, not particularly progressive ones, that don't treat the GLB crowd particularly well, regardless of relationship status.  Again, this is a Prius-alike thing.  In the general pop, the division is 50:50.  In the arch. crowd, I'm sure it's more like 90:10, when underneath it all, there is also discrimination.  Hate?  Another stretch on your part.  Here's what I hate - You're at work and you hear "We had an architect who worked on the (type of) projects.  He (or she) was from Baltimore," yet, for someone else, you hear "We had an architect who worked on the (type of) projects. He (or she) was gay (or lesbian)."  Far more inappropriate and judgmental than saying "Yeah, man, shack up, buy that brownstone, and whatever floats your boat."

It's an extension of another argument.  Do I want people with a HS to continue to be able to license?  Surface answer, to be PC, even among some educators, who would then have no one to educate:  "Oh, sure, I want to be the profession to be more inclusive."  Real answer:  "Hell no, not after what I had to go through and the loans I have to pay off."  Same thing with same sex marriage.  What's wrong with the way things were in that arena, in more progressive urban areas, circa 1995 to 2000?  Nothing, really. 

Mar 27, 13 5:19 pm

observant,  this is not the place for ranty shit, set up a thread and i'll answer you there, no worries.  you can write canada anyway you want, why would i care?  although i do think amerika suits more and more lately. seriously.  sing the one road song too if you like.


about the gay marriage thing, i suspect you are not talking to the choir here with your comments, but in any case I was not taking a stance wither way. 

was just amazed that the judges seemed not to notice the non sequitur responses they were giving when posed with the possibility that a couple over 55 could not have kids and therefore should also not be allowed to marry according to the rules being promulgated for "the gays".  clearly they either think extramarital affairs are totally cool (in which case, wtf right?) or they skipped the chapter on how kids are conceived in junior highschool, or perhaps they didn't get educated at all cuz...argh, sex is scary, keep it away.  and these good lawyer people are making serious decisions? 


but funny!

Mar 27, 13 9:05 pm

@there is there, i guess that doesn't surprise me either. wonder what they (we) are doing with it all.  everyone is secretly eating bread or something.  either way, 450 g bag of flour is like 3 bucks, which is crazy expensive.  if i make apple pies i need to go to the bank first.

Mar 27, 13 9:10 pm

you've got Scalia who says that the institution of same-sex marriage is newer than cell phones or the internet.


the cell phone was invented in ancient greece?

Mar 27, 13 9:40 pm

oops - sorry - ancient egypt.

Mar 27, 13 9:46 pm

It was Justice Alito, not Scalia, that compared gay marriage with cell phones. Second, you don't know what you're talking about. Gay marriage is not a "semantics" debate, it's about equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, you tool.

Mar 27, 13 10:03 pm

Will, I'm thinking it is for livestock feed.

Mar 27, 13 10:21 pm


Fine.  Alito. I heard what Kagan and Bader-Ginsburg (sp) had to say.  You know they're going to pawn this off.  It's too controversial.

Here's the deal.  We've already done a great job of eroding the middle class, a significant staple of the modern world's economic health.  And, all the while, people perversely watch that reality show with Donald Trump and echo "You're fired" with delight, and where everyone is a "project manager."  Usually, a project manager requires some qualifications other than being a dimpled celebrity.  So, while we're there, let's eradicate middle of the road thinking.  Being able to see the pros and cons of a debate is better than being outright fanatical, one way or the other.

Mar 27, 13 10:21 pm

Human rights are not debatable, asshat.

Mar 27, 13 10:25 pm

Human rights are not debatable, asshat.

I am sure there are all kinds of intelligent people across all walks of life who held a progressive view but not on this specific issue.  Please call them asshats.  When people go into the voting booth, you have no idea which way these intelligent asshats, some of whom may be your friends, will vote. 

Mar 27, 13 10:29 pm

Very nice article on People for Urban Progress and the work we are doing here.  Brian and I get a mention, as does Angus!

Mar 27, 13 10:36 pm

If my friends don't approve of equal rights for all, then they are not my friends. They are not progressive if they are not for equal rights, I don't care if they voted for Obama, or if the vote for Clinton in 2016; they are wrong. There is no debate, don't mistake this, as a debate either. You're a clown for even trying to intellectualize the unintelligible. You're a bore, your inane threads are a bore, and I'm about ready to start kicking sand in your face.

Mar 27, 13 10:48 pm

If you digress into name calling, you are not making your point effectively.  Don't expect to change people's minds.  That's why there are continua in life, because there are different points along them.

Mar 27, 13 11:01 pm

Let's just ban all marriage.

Mar 27, 13 11:14 pm

I really don't get why we're still having this debate - didn't gay marriage win like 5 or 6 years ago?  It's like you're telling us that there's still life in the sun revolves around the earth theory.  let's move on.

Mar 27, 13 11:56 pm

Let's just ban all marriage.

Yep.  Call them all civil unions for governmental purposes.  Let the churches, temples, and mosques decide for what they'll issue a marriage certificate.  If that ain't separation of church and state, I don't know what is.

Mar 28, 13 12:14 am
That's all we got here. Wedding ceremony itself is cultural not legal.

There are issues about long term strategy that make it better for the case to be kept within California apparently. But apart from that I don't get the middle road on this one. If there is a right I don't see how it can be withheld. The language and arguments and objections are earily similar to arguments about recognizing the right to vote or to marry outside race.

Being reasonable about any of those things was never useful was it?
Mar 28, 13 4:32 am

The middle of the road is easy.  When Prop 8 was in California, you voted Obama and voted against Prop 8.  The middle of the road is two words:  Shack up.  That way we don't have to change everything for a very small number of people who will make use of this anyway.   The best solution, which no one wants to touch and for which the results might be politically skewed in the interest of political correctness, is to have a very detailed sociological and psychological study of how commonly used this vehicle is, and its viability over the long-term.  I believe that's what the cell phone analogy was about.  And that 83 y.o. lady?  Looks like nobody kept her from happily living with her partner in NYC and having employment (one of them worked for IBM) that was better than what most people have.  Marriage is largely a religious concept that seeped into mainstream usage because, at one time, almost all people belonged to a traditional worship group.  On the other hand, words like partnership and civil union are perfect to describe ALL the possible combinations, since they are governmental and legalistic.  The operative word is "flout."

Mar 28, 13 12:37 pm

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