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it can't be may.  it's going to snow here.  that means is still winter.  i assume there is a calendar error.

May 2, 13 9:11 am
vado retro

had an attempted murder two doors down the other night. so much for my truman show lifestyle.

May 2, 13 9:15 am
Sarah Hamilton

It's going to be in the 30s here today, as well.  


And Vado, I thought you said it was just some guy knockin' around his old lady.....  Don't be so dramatic.

May 2, 13 9:28 am

going to be in nyc mai 8-11, anyone interested in walking, drinking, or pointing at all the funny looking people? oh, i want to bang my head too.

May 2, 13 12:28 pm

To hot for me to block hop in August but will point you to 2 destinations.

Walk the High Line to the south end, you'll go under the Standard High Line Hotel. Then walk back up to 13th to the hotel. The lobby is nightclub cool, the top floor restaurant a cross between Steamboat and French Bordello but has magnificent views and gorgeous waitresses. Be prepared to drop a bundle to watch overpaid film and TV people and all kinds of upper crusties and wannabes making the scene. Last time I was there drinks and hors d'ouvres for three was $175.

Second is Decibel, an underground saki bar on East 9th Street. Very hip. Six page menu, 5-1/2 pages of saki and a half page of food. Afterwards go across the street to Soba-Ya for some great Japanese noodles.

Whatever you do, don't miss the High Line.

May 2, 13 2:07 pm

love the high line, love it.

May 2, 13 2:19 pm

so i just upgraded to OS X 6.8 (from OS X 5...) after being out of version for most applications (safari, Firefox, itunes) for like 6 months or so

didn't think that would affect performance and computer enjoyment as much but man it has...

also the new magic mouse with finger actions is sweet!

May 2, 13 7:16 pm

Hi TC!

it is Sat, overcast, drizzly and i am at work listening to Black Milk - Synth Or Soul

Also, donna I just read this piece by Saltz about how Venice will be "loosing" / removing Charles Ray's Boy With a Frog and thought of you.

May 4, 13 11:48 am

That's sad, Nam.  I love that sculpture, and it is perfect there.

Jerry Saltz is sure whiny, though.

May 4, 13 10:48 pm

poor froggy.  silly is as silly does.

just read this article by guy horton about the death of cooper union.  it is an op-ed but feels misleading, not sure why.  maybe just because i like the building by mayne and have heard the current crisis is nothing to do with the building.  or maybe its the gratuitous white guys and money-makers on the board comments...anyone know what really happened?  I thought it was simply caught in the economic townturn (which could be the fault of the board) and not so much a matter of incompetence.  how far off am i?

May 5, 13 5:04 am
In my opinion, Will, that's a really good article. Strongly opinionated, obviously. But it expresses a trend I think is coming more into focus:

".. started making decisions that, while they seemed to make sense in the world of finance, would baffle people who actually work for a living, people who make things."

The World of Finance is paper and illusion. But it runs the world. As we've seen, if it collapses it brings everything down with it.

My naive optimism says that the rise of small boutique industry is leading us away from Big Finance and towards a better economic world, more fair to all, less destructive to the planet, based in talent and hard work not chicanery. But it's an awfully tiny David fighting an impossibly large and powerful Goliath.

Well, back to vacuuming.
May 5, 13 11:41 am

read the back to cleaning the toilet!

May 5, 13 12:34 pm

sounds possible donna, but is that what happened? the board sold their land in favour of bits of paper in poorly managed hedge funds? Am more curious, when it comes to finance, real estate bubbles are ok, but hedge funds are evil?  That seems to be part of the message.Maybe it is the reason i find the whole argument contrived.

It would be great if economic world changed a bit at least.  Seems like we are returning to business as usual in Tokyo already.  Which way will architecture go I wonder once things stabilize again.

May 5, 13 8:33 pm

Re: Cooper union I thought this quote "We don’t have a global brand. We’ve got to build that global brand" (from the transcript of a Cooper Union president/board meeting) via the Felix Salmon The tragedy of Cooper Union article Mr. Horton referenced was more revealing, if accurate...

May 5, 13 8:45 pm
Sarah Hamilton

No comment about Cooper.

Instead, I have an art question:

5 years ago, I painted a painting on a 4'x6' canvas using house paint.  I have since taken the painting down, but it's too big to store.  Do you think it would hurt it to take the canvas off the wood frame?  I'm terrified to damage it, but I can't keep moving the painting around everytime I need to use my guestroom.

May 6, 13 11:18 am
vado retro

if jackson pollock can do it . you can do it. actually i don't think his work was ever put on stretchers.

May 6, 13 1:01 pm
vado retro

in other news i am going to nebraska.

May 6, 13 1:02 pm

Vado you becoming a Husker?

May 6, 13 1:10 pm
Sarah Hamilton

For vacation?

May 6, 13 1:42 pm
vado retro

for a high school graduation for a person who will probably never set foot again in nebraska. she's going to school in amherst and her parents are moving to phoenix.

May 6, 13 1:44 pm

wow, exotic location.

you can make it into an experiment sarah.  at least you didn't paint on masonite.


good article nam, thanks.  much clearer.  its a pity they will have to pander to students to convince them to join just like any other uni from now on.  another step down in the education of our future leaders. amazing salaries for the president too.  who knew there was money in academics.

May 6, 13 5:41 pm

i'm from nebraksa!  it's not that bad.  low unemployment.  can't buy that with a fancy degree.  if you get out to the country watch a sunset and look at the stars.  that's what the world looked like before architects screwed it up.

May 6, 13 7:35 pm

curtkram....ya I'm a west river south dakota boy so I know just what your talking about....just google "Mud Butte" gazing is always better with a young philly at your side..

May 6, 13 9:12 pm
Sarah Hamilton
You two just made me realize that I spent many nights lying in the bed of a truck staring at the stars, and talking. It's how I connected and fell in love. It was quiet and safe. So innocent. My students will not experience that, and it makes me sad.
May 6, 13 9:28 pm

I'm working (meeting minutes for my AIA work) and my husband is watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer across the room.  I seriously looked up at the TV and expected to see Daniel Day Lewis.

May 6, 13 9:44 pm
vado retro

i like the sticks but having grown up in a town of twenty thousand where you could drive out and see the stars boy howdy. we got out of there as fast as we could.

May 6, 13 10:32 pm

I need an inexpensive and cool hotel in Seattle, near the library and Olympic Sculpture Park.  Are any of our old Seattle 'necters still reading?

May 6, 13 10:34 pm

vado, hit the Doorly Zoo in Omaha, the best damn zoo in the middle, best.

May 6, 13 10:56 pm

donna, don't forget St. Ignatius!!!

May 6, 13 10:57 pm
My kids haven't seen stars in sky, not really. Light pollution from Tokyo is insane. It's like daylight all night long.

When I was kid could see the Milky Way like nobodies biznez. And sometimes northern lights too. Luckily we have a planetarium a few blocks away so were good.
May 7, 13 4:13 am

isn't going to a planetarium akin to seeing pictures of the louvre instead of going to the louvre? you can replace 'louvre' with 'ocean' too.  or whatever floats your boat.

i think it would actually be a little depressing to tell your kid 'this is what the sky used to look like.'

May 7, 13 8:50 am

Most people only see art as pictures in a book. Sad when that is translated to the natural world.

May 7, 13 9:40 am
It's a trade off. Live in big bathtub of light but get to be in Tokyo. Fair enough. Wouldn't be fair if we had it all.
May 7, 13 11:24 am

this could get interesting.

May 7, 13 11:43 am
vado retro

zoos depress me. only going to the southern part. would rather stop in hot springs or fayettville. but we're pressed for time and someone gets to grade finals anyway.

May 7, 13 11:52 am

Today i ventured to a house where I did some earlier design.  Owners wife wanted to kick it up so went with the NYC guys.  Problem on the site today, contractor was concerned about a cut big ass electrical wire.  So I was called in...Good Contractor working his way thru the project.  Think I made his day when I said "Ya it is  the underground wire which fed the  pump house which was abandoned when the put in a new well.  No one ever took it out because the basement was a field stone foundation commonly found here in New England.  Common practice is to abandon in place cause you don't want to disturb  the  plug on the exterior face of the wall .  Looked around the place and thought...damn these dudes raped the client..  I guess people are willing to pay big bucks  for nothing more that ,"the Wow Factor"   not a care about  scale of room, sense of space....just give me more screaming more gypsum board and WHITE and toss in some engineer thought out steel details which don't do shit for a  second, but we will leave them bare to express that we understand structure and what it is to live with, when it is like 150 percent over designed.  Come on you skyscraper guys can't you leave us county bumpkin folk alone and let us do design which makes sense, and at the same time i good design.

skyscraper guys...please stay in the city..

May 7, 13 11:17 pm

@snooker +1 this quote "skyscraper guys...please stay in the city.." 

morning all!

May 8, 13 8:07 am
Sarah Hamilton

Wish you had posted pictures.

May 8, 13 9:20 am

toaster, i don't think the prostitution thread is gaining any momentum.

May 8, 13 10:48 am

On the East End the majority of projects are now done by NYC firms. Nothing good to say about any of them, except maybe that their clients deserve them.

May 8, 13 5:45 pm
Hey, those Cooper Students are really taking it to the President of Cooper. Occupying his office for two days now.
May 9, 13 7:16 pm

This is kinda silly, but can anyone give me the code for posting pictures?  I have a good one I promise you!

May 11, 13 7:43 pm
Have I said this before?: I really love the velvety black entry screen of the Archinect iphone app. It makes me happy when I open it.
May 11, 13 8:19 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Snook, I don't know how to do it from a phone, but on the Internet it's a button now.
May 11, 13 10:21 pm

I took this photo  a few years ago and just came across it yesterday and recall my first impression when I saw this interaction of nature and architecture....jaw dropped to the floor....Oscar knew how to get it done.

May 12, 13 6:50 pm

Thanks Sarah...Hope you had a grand Mothers Day with your guys!   Same goes for all of the rest of the Archinect  Ladies!

May 12, 13 6:51 pm

I took this photo  a few years ago and just came across it yesterday and recall my first impression when I saw this interaction of nature and architecture....jaw dropped to the floor....Oscar knew how to get it done.

Thank you, s-d-d.  So, you've been to "a cidade maravilhosa" ... and you've been to Niteroi, where this famous work is located.  Niteroi is derisively called "the city of smiles" because, after being asked where a person in greater Rio is from, those from Niteroi "fess up," look down at the ground, and manage a sickly smile.  Yes, I love "Trivial Pursuit."

Looks like Sugarloaf across Guanabara Bay.  Damn, Rio is dangerous, or feels so.  It just sort of "lingers" in the air.  The longer one stays, the higher the probability of falling victim to petty crime, or more, aimed at tourists.  In 4 days, I was able to avoid a mugging, and I'm not a small guy.  I could read the vibes and got myself out of the situation.  In broad daylight, too.  I recommend that everyone go to Rio de Janeiro, and its greater area, at least once in their life.  It is breathtaking.

When you're there, you hear this in your head:

At any rate, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on here ... and to the mothers in your family, or extended family, you love.  I swear, I'm in a post buffet funk right now, and need a snooze.

May 12, 13 7:00 pm


Mrs snooker doodle dandy is from I always feel in safe company.  Last time I went there I felt more unsafe waiting for our shuttle to  JFK here in America.  You know we had lots of luggage cause you can't return home without gifts for everyone your going to see.  I have never had a problem there and find in general Brazilian people go out of their way to make you comfortable.  Ya my babe  is street smart but a lot of it is go with the flow.  You know there is going to be a guy you toss a few coins to to watch your car when you park it on the street so no one will bother it.  My mother in law often has them park it for her because  if you go back to the same place people know you and watch out for you.  Like Observant says you have to go at least once...I will go many times.

May 12, 13 7:12 pm

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