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Mrs Snooker Doodle Dandy, actually grew up around the corner from  Veloso  Bar Cafe, in Ipanema.  Where Jobin and Moreas would pass the day and  wrote the song and lyrics.  I had a shope there and could see how it would have been such a natural thing for them to see this young maiden with that Brazilian walk (it is distinctive), with purpose and find reason to write this song of beauty.

May 12, 13 7:28 pm


Interesting.  I've been to Portugal numerous times that I was able to get around easily in Brazil.  The mugging attempt occurred at the bus queuing area at the base of Cristo Redentor in Cosmo Velho, which is a nice area, and because of using the city buses.  The Metro is safer.  From Ipanema, I took the Metro into the center, and got off at Cinelandia to see the sights in the center ... downtown also felt dicey.  Favela tours, anyone?  No thanks.

I stayed in Ipanema, where it ends and Leblon begins.  The dividing feature between the neighborhoods, the Jardim de Alah, is another mugging spot at night, and the hotel told me that ... on the 3rd day.  I did not use the beach at Ipanema.  There is a constant police presence on the major beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana.  I went to more remote suburban Barra de Tijuca's beaches instead.

The physical setting and splendor of the city is indescribable. However, it is nutty - "fio dental" not only means dental floss, but a string bikini ... and only Cariocas would name their international airport after Antonio Carlos Jobim, the guy who penned the song "The Girl from Ipanema."  The whole vibe in Rio is very libertine.

May 12, 13 7:31 pm
vado retro

spent mother's day in Kansas City with gf's mother. step mom, sister, niece and father. cool city. visited holl's nelson atkins bloch addition. enjoyed the building. and its contents. one horrible design element that we're all taught not to do is in that building. the one stair step. i looked at it and couldn't believe my  eyes. i told my gf that this is bad. that we call it a hip jammer and with in a minute after saying it some guy missed the step and stumbled. 

May 13, 13 12:22 pm
So I have pneumonia. It's really miserable. Feeling slightly more human today but still tired out just by simple things like making myself lunch. I've now watched four straight hours of the science show with the hot enthusiastic British physicist. Very soothing.
May 13, 13 1:26 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, you have to post a link for that!


And feel better.

May 13, 13 1:35 pm
vado retro

sorry you have pneumonia. be careful that sheet is dangerous!

May 13, 13 2:58 pm

hello TC!

hope you feel better Donna.

May 13, 13 3:14 pm
Sarah I'm too drained to link but his name is Brian Cox and People voted him one if the 50 Sexiest people recently. He's actually really goofy-looking but so enthusiastic you can't resist. And he talks about physics in the most gorgeous and extreme locations on the planet. Beautiful viewing.

Also Paul I too, like Steven, love that velvety black startup screen.
May 14, 13 9:45 am

HI TC!!! 

Feel better Donna.  

Been lurking these past few days with not much to say.  Sad about Cooper Union.  It really irks me that the mission of the school seems to have been either forgotten or ignored.  

Back into the mist I go.

May 14, 13 4:30 pm

I knew exactly who you were talking about when you said the hot enthusiastic British physicist. One of my clients calls him her "other boyfriend". I can't believe he made People's most 50 sexy though. Has to be those cheeks! But those cheeks are um, enthusiastic, not sexy.

May 14, 13 5:48 pm

he's very good host.  wouldna thought sexy was the right word.  clearly i need to work on my hot guy spotting skill set.


black start up screen is indeed coolio.  navigation is still a bit wonky for me.  wheres that suggestion box gone to?

May 14, 13 8:45 pm

he's very good host.  wouldna thought sexy was the right word.  clearly i need to work on my hot guy spotting skill set.

100% of the female population has a hot chick spotting skill and 100% of the male population has a hot guy spotting skill.


Female, a mother, straight, at work:  goes to the floor to ceiling windows of the office to see a Daryl Hannah-alike girl who made a delivery get into her car and keeps on raving "OMG, what a beautiful girl," and on and on. 

Females, straight, constantly talk about a feature, or features, they admire in another woman - her hair, her eyes, her breasts, her legs

Males, straight, how do you think they hire people in financial services and commercial real estate?  It's like a clone patrol, so it's a case of "straight eye for the straight guy."

Males, straight, in southern Europe, say in Spain and Italy, it is not at all uncommon for a male to acknowledge that another male is handsome, and it means nothing.  It just goes along with the culture of being aesthetes and being more open with what they are thinking.

Anglo-Germanic-Nordic values and sensibilities dominate the social code in the U.S., Canada, and other countries upon which they have a significant impact.  Far from the case in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Argentina, where one can exhale.

Oh, yeah, Brian Cox, had to look him up.  He looks like a pretty boy, so I'm not surprised women who tend toward the alpha would find him attractive.

May 15, 13 4:53 pm

will must be the exception to the 100%.  also me. perhaps a lot of us are exceptions to the 100%.

architects aren't very good at math.

May 15, 13 5:01 pm

Very typical "American" answer, curt.  I'm not faulting you for it.  It's to be expected, though.

Very good at math.  You should have seen my GRE math score.  But, oh shit, UVa wasn't in the cards.  LOL.

May 15, 13 5:05 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I watched the Wonders of Life episode, and while I find the guy fascinating, I don't find him attractive. He has this funny mouth thing, not unlike that actor who played in the Pillars of the Earth series. I don't understand why people find THAT guy attractive at all!

Maybe that's what Will is seeing?
May 15, 13 6:04 pm

As political correctness rises, so does the sentiment against "stereotyping."

One didn't even need to read the article.  Basically, the headline said "80 year old amputee living in South Carolina mauled to death by dogs."

It was reported they were 4 pit bulls.  I was just "waiting" for that tidbit of information in the article.

Very sad.  This reminds me of the petite lady who lived in exclusive Pacific Heights in San Francisco who was mauled to death by a Presa Canario dog (typically large and aggressive) in the hallway of her apartment building.   A media circus followed that event and the owners of the dog who lived on that floor came across as cavalier about the whole thing.

I love dogs, but certain breeds are, by and large, to be avoided.  Most of the dogs housed in animal shelters tend to be pit bulls.

May 15, 13 7:58 pm

Sarah....You got Your own two need to be looking!  You coming to LimeRock anytime soon?

May 15, 13 8:22 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Sure, if you'll buy us tickets, Snook.

I WILL be at COTA, our new Texas F1 track in June. Husband gets to drive it in our car. I'm gonna bum rides from others just for the thrill.
May 15, 13 9:14 pm

super cool sarah.  i grew up with semi-pro (or semi-amateur?) stock car racer and always loved riding on the track and strapping into the drivers seat when given the chance.  awesome to watch the races too. F1 track must be beyond cool.

May 15, 13 10:41 pm
vado retro

just rolled back into the delta. i think i want to move to fayetteville, arkansas. love love love it. kansas city is pretty kick ass, as well.

May 16, 13 1:07 pm

toaster's productivity update #2488:


today I wrote a script to replace all detail notes that say "metal panel" with "solid gold panel."  Already sent along to structural engineer so they can coordinate.  let's see if our cost estimator catches it.

May 16, 13 3:00 pm

that is totally going to get VEed down to plated gold.

May 16, 13 3:08 pm


VE, as you know, curt, is "supposed" to be a very formal "scientific" process.  In the end, we all know it's done in the conference room, over a handshake ... or an argument.

Love the use of the term VE!  Nobody follows the "rules," though. (?)

May 16, 13 3:10 pm

#vado, i will be road-tripping across UF later this summer any tips for stops in Kansas City?

May 16, 13 3:59 pm

toaster ++

VE is an oxymoron. 

May 16, 13 4:20 pm

I guess if I were working in revit it would have been automatic.

May 16, 13 4:54 pm

nam, oklahoma joes for bbq.  might be a long line.  the nelson atkins museum and bloch addition, which glows at night.  last time i was there they had a lot of chairs you can't sit in.  we have a new performing arts center by moshe safdie.  i haven't been in it, but driving by isn't so bad.  if you want to walk down the street in a retail area, the country club plaza isn't so bad.  there are fountains.  they have an art fair towards later september, but that might be too late for you.  also, first fridays is good for people who like art.  those tend to be on the first friday of each month.  you might be able to sign up for a tour of boulevard.  they make beer.  beer is good.

i know you meant that for vado, but i live in KC so i figured I'd butt in.

May 16, 13 5:29 pm

^ Curious what you think of Safdie's arts center. His work is more about human factors and performance than most other firms. Probably why he's not on the starchitecf circuit. 

May 16, 13 5:35 pm
vado retro

i was in kc on mother's day and we were down in country club plaza and at the nelson atkins which is definitely worth a visit. jsut don't jam your hip on the lousy stair detail.  i never realized it was so hilly in kc. liked it a lot!

May 16, 13 6:27 pm


KC is one of those places that comes up high on the QOL studies, yet is not on most people's radar screen and most people don't get to know it because it's not a major connecting airport.  You get to see it if you cross America on I-70 and you get to see the nice topography.  Some people end up there on corporate transfers, often in this bedroom community called Overland Park KS.  It's supposed to be real nice, but they also say it's really Stepford, at least in the suburbs.

It's sort of like northern Florida.  Gainesville is flat, but Tallahassee on the Panhandle (along I-10) is full of hills and pines. 

About Arkansas, it's one of those places people from the coasts would dismiss because it's AR.  A lot of people, even from California, end up in Hot Springs (Village), AR to retire and they say how scenic it is and how great of a choice it was. 

May 16, 13 7:47 pm

curtkram, thanks for the tips... as to observan't point i know a few people who have lived their (for jobs) at various points in last ten yrs and had nothing but good things to say about KC....

May 17, 13 8:00 am

also good morning all.

May 17, 13 8:01 am

yes, nam, I'd like curt to weigh in on KC, since he is the ambassador for that metro.  I've heard real nice people, I've heard Stepford, I've heard that it's overzealous on church attendance, I've heard that everyone marries real early and cranks out kids, I've heard it has progressive urban planning and architecture,  I've heard it has a thriving art scene, and lastly, I've heard of some "Californication" by the prevalence of new stucco McMansions in some newer, manicured parts of metro KC.  I saw some pictures of that.  I sort of laughed.  Stucco does best in a dry climate, unless it's the "fake" stuff, like what they use in Vancouver BC because of the moisture.  Stucco smack in the middle of the country is a head scratcher.  Personally, I like 4 sided brick, maybe because I didn't grow up with it.

Oui, bonjour a les personnes sur archinect.

May 17, 13 12:54 pm

Archinect in Klingon.

May 17, 13 1:03 pm

i didn't mean to put forward the suggestion that i am an ambassador.  i do, however, live in kansas city (i have kansas city address and vote for the mayor of kansas city).  i work in overland park, so i'm also familiar with this area.  i would not disagree with the stepford comment for the johnson county kansas side.  while my opinion is not any more valid than anyone else, my perspective is due to the fact that i drive in rush hour traffic in this area most every day.  that does not make me special, it's just a geographic thing that is.

regarding the urban planning, there was a push for the power and light district, which is close to the sprint center.  not my cup of tea, but it could be worth checking out if you're interested in trendy bar scene type things.  they have PBR (which means pro bull riding, not pabst blue ribbon) where you can ride a mechanical bull, so that's kind of neat sort of.  anyway, i'm pretty sure it was just an out of town developer with private equity who poured a ton of money into out of town establishments, and i'm pretty sure it's fairly successful.

i would rather go a local strip mall place in waldo because that's my neighborhood.

May 17, 13 1:51 pm


I nominated AND elected you!  Mostly, I'd like to see the new architecture, all the fountains, and The Plaza. But, about the stucco McMansions sitting on fake lakes ... seriously?  And is it troweled on stucco, using several coats?

May 17, 13 1:57 pm

This just in.

A 5.1 earthquake was felt in Ottawa, Canada.  If anyone has looked at a seismic map of the U.S., it's not just the Pacific Coast.  There is an active seismic area in the Ozarks and another swath called the Boston-Ottawa trend, and I've know about it for a long time.  So this is no surprise.  I wonder if this will mean some minor changes in the building codes.

Boston-Ottawa trend:

May 17, 13 2:27 pm

i have seen troweled stucco mcmansions on a fake lake.  i wouldn't say that's the norm though.

May 17, 13 3:39 pm

Ok, so it's the trowled multi-coat approach instead of a final coat on foam/EIFS for color/texture.  Typically, the former is the Southwest approach whereas the latter is the Vancouver approach.  So much of that in Van, with brick veneer up to the window sills of the first floor, and EIFS above it, either in single family McMansion or multifamily construction.  I like the monolithic look of it, but it just looks wrong in a "colder" climate.

May 17, 13 3:48 pm

I have yet to see artificial stucco on wood frame that isnt riddled with rot and black mold. 

May 17, 13 4:27 pm

Typically an inadequate flashing at openings and detailing of joints/cavities to weep problem, from what I recall, especially when this technology was newer and clients/users in colder climates wanted that look.  That's why it belongs in the Pacific Southwest and SW desert states, at low altitudes.

May 17, 13 4:39 pm

I suggest reading  "What is the Matter with Kansas" by Thomas Frank  (2004).  It is a wacky book, but most revealing and at the same time a fun read.  I think I read it in like 2007.  Don't think things have changed much.  I dated a Kansas Lady who was a Pretty Bird, and one day she flew away.

May 17, 13 7:38 pm


I know a lady who lived in the Missouri suburbs of metro KC, moving there from the East Coast.  She said that people are excessively preoccupied with where you go to church and your family constellation.

Q:  "So, you're married, right?"

A:  "No." (perplexed look by Q) 

Q:  "You're not?  But you have children right?"

A:   "No." (look of horror by Q)

She moved away.  She got sick of it.   I like looking at those real estate guides or real estate websites, and Lee's Summit, MO looks like it has some nice housing options.  I don't know if it would be Stepford, cool, or just kind of vanilla, in terms of the populace.

May 17, 13 8:41 pm

i've not seen the church and kids thing at all.  not even a little.  i know people with kids, and i know people who go to church.  while i do often know their kids and i know where they go to church, they are not preoccupied with it.  i do not got to church, i do not have kids, and i'm pretty sure noone here has thought less of me because of that.  i think what high school you went to is more significant.  i am an outsider, so i don't really fit in to those conversations.

i suppose it should be noted that many of the public schools in kansas city are really bad, so unless there is something preventing you (typically socio-economic), if you have kids you either put them in parochial school or you move out of the city.  in that sense i suppose church is relevant?

May 18, 13 8:47 am

observant, EIFS has been the subject of numerous lawsuits including class actions over thousands of failures. Manufacturers tried to blame architects for bad details and contractors for improper installation. The situation is so bad and so widespread that a number of states have banned barrier-type EIFS systems and some home insurers have stopped covering houses with EIFS.

It's not bad flashing, it's a faulty system. The dew point is behind the insulation, often somewhere in the framing, which causes condensation in or on the framing and which is trapped there by the "barrier system" causing rot and black mold. I know of at least half-a-dozen houses locally that are riddled with both for exactly this reason, and have yet to see one that isn't. Anyone who specs or installs this shit should be prepared for a lawsuit.

May 18, 13 10:58 am

Vancouver Stucco

May 18, 13 11:13 am
vado retro

kansas city was full of hipster doofus and suburban daytrippers. as far as what the people on the coasts think. i have lived on one coast and it was filled with backward ass thinking parochial big city townies. any city of a certain size will have a share of culture and unique qualities. you just have to go there and find it.

May 18, 13 11:29 am

Brian: "Next Generation EIFS"?

Styrofoam (aerated polystrene foam) is bad choice for green building. Oil based, manufacturing by-proucts include a smorgasbord of toxic chemicals, outgasses, incredibly toxic when burned, non-biodegradable, nearly impossible to dispose of, etc.

May 18, 13 11:33 am

They call it next generation to try and separate themselves from all the bad press EIFS has had in the past. I'm sure the barriers have gotten better, but it still doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the system. They'd probably be better off just calling it Vancouver stucco.

Foam products are great insulators and with CI requirements showing up more and more in the codes we'll be seeing a lot more of it. I just wish there was a better, industry-wide, method of dealing with it from a cradle-to-cradle standpoint.

How manufacturers deal with waste foam in terms of their production processes seems to be one thing product reps are always eager to brag about. But ask them what they offer in terms of recycling or disposing of old foam from say a demolition site. I think I've heard one tell me that if it's clean it can be reused. So it's up to a contractor to save it, store it, and convince the next client that it's just as good and the new stuff.

May 18, 13 12:08 pm


She lived in the suburbs.  She was working for a Catholic organization.  But I have heard it from a few others, too, who lived in KC metro.  The age at which people marry in that metro area is lower than that of many others. 

As for housing, I like the traditional wood siding and brick combination, with more hips than gables.  In fact, I'd be happier if it didn't have gables at all.  Let's face it, middle class architects don't live in "really cool" houses, contrary to what people think.  This house is just an example of the Northwest style (from NorCal into BC, Canada) that was in vogue in the early 90s (clearly there are other better renditions designed by architects and not drafters), which has given way to Craftsman, almost exclusively.  The transom window in the living room is a dead give-away.  It would look better if it didn't have that gable up top, nor that errant round headed window in the gable.  The chimney could have been brick.  It has an oddity or two in the roof planes' junctions. The other elevations suck.  All the bedrooms are upstairs. It was obviously designed for mass market consumption.  I've noticed that the new(er) stuff in KC is heavily into gables, though.

May 18, 13 12:11 pm

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