International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University

International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University


Pipo Project

2020-2021 DESIGN-BUILD
Pipo Project

Instructor:  Warisara Sudswong (Nice)

Ekanut Sae-yee (Nut) @nut_ey
Kotchasorn Kulsivachaya (Bow) @kcsbow
Namida Niamnamtham (Nina) @ninanamida
Naphat Chintanapramote (AJ) @aj.naphat
Nara Lojanatorn (Pann) @pannnara
Narramon Isarasena Na Ayutthaya (Toon) @inay_nar
Noraphat Lohamongkol (Kum) @viruss.comm
Phatharawarong Chierakul (Fai) @p.chierakul
Plaifha Siripanthong (Levi) @levi_ees
Tassaporn Sukhumdhanakul (Poon) @poon.ts
Thanabodee Denvittaya (Num)
Veerin Dumrongkijkarn (Aim) @aimvrn

Childhood is a period of wistfulness and innocence. Throughout this period, one learns to engage with the surroundings and associate them with certain emotions. Consequently, joyful moments and imaginative liberty are abandoned as people mature. In spite of this, some places, things, events, or even familiar atmospheres can evoke sentiments of the past—nostalgia. The proposal for this project, Design-Build 2021, is to create a hybrid spatial design that reminds us of these collective childhood memories through innovative experiences. In order to connect with a larger audience, Pipo, a recognizable jelly cup confectionery, is introduced as a retrospective medium. Combining material interaction with digital manipulation, design development will utilize both virtual and physical experimentation. The project involves using multiple communication strategies to provoke particular emotions and senses of the ‘afterlife’. How have our lifestyles, eating behaviors, and habits been challenged and altered? How can a small-scale architectural intervention provide the experience of inclusivity in the mass’s collective memory?

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Status: School Project
Location: Bangkok, TH