International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University

International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University


A Library Under the Treetops


In response to the international brief initiated by Europe Reader, the ‘A Library Under the Treetops’ is a collaborative project that aims to create a space/installation that redefines the public and private interface. The design intention is to accommodate the safe, comfortable, and enjoyable reading space in an open urban area for people in the residential neighborhood of Ladproa, Bangkok.

To blur the public-private boundary, the making process of this reading space/ installation is collaborative in nature, bringing architects, local craftsmen and workers, educators, students, and the local community together in order to think and produce a space that creates a social impact to the local environment. Our concept is to generate a sustainable design by sourcing recyclable materials and ensure the long-lasting life span of the project beyond its completion. Ultimately, the goal in producing such space is to advance a sustained awareness of the quality of life beyond consumption and the consuming pace, to stimulate the need for reading and knowledge, and to satisfy the human desire to be with despite the constraints of the metropolis.


Pitchapa Jular (INDA - main instructor)


Davisi Boontharm (CO+RE - co-instructor)

Darko Radović (CO+RE - co-instructor)

Kasama Yamtree (openspace - community architect)


Boonyajit Chiraboonchainun (Tai)

Konrawit Vichyapai (Boss)

Krittamet Payuhakiat (Ken)

Nannapat Kosintrakarn (Kaohom)

Nicha Wiriyapreecha (Bai-Tuey)

Paphada Vasinsittisuk (Paeng)

Puttipong Wiwattanakunkit (Palm)

Rasita Tangmitpracha (Tata)

Saralchana Pueakhachen (Parn)

Sasi Ounpiyodom (Minnie)

Supharoek Worawouthumkul (Ker)

Thana Paonil (Art)

Tinnaphop Sopaphol (Tan)

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Status: Built
Location: Bangkok, TH