International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University

International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University

Exhibition 01
Exhibition 01
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Cyborg Architecture

Existing in tension between the physical and the digital, this design build course re-examined perceived distinctions between tangible architectural spaces and objects and the digital realm. Students explored the new agencies of computational design afforded by augmented reality environments and their interrelationships to physical objects and spaces. By investigating the design potentials in architectural tectonics that are specifically calibrated for machine vision, the course envisioned new architectural typologies that are simultaneously physical and digital. Students were introduced to a hybrid workflow involving visual scripting, digital manufacturing and the use of gaming engines. Working in groups, students produced a series of architectural elements that are highly articulated for augmented reality tracking. Using these architectural elements as tracking devices, they also produced augmented reality apps that overlaid their physical objects with digital data. In aggregate, the resulting hybrid digital/physical environments create architectural landscapes and spaces that enable data to begin to take on qualities that are phenomenological rather than informative.



Hseng Tai Lintner

Per Stefan Svedberg


Group 1

Prima Rojanapiyawong (Pie)

Napapa Soonjan (Luktarn)

Praewrung Chantumrongkul (Ping)

Methawadee Pathomrattanapiban (Sincere)

Yuhunny Baka (Hunny)

Phannaphon Vatanavoraluk (Punn)

Pittinun Tantasirin (Pim)

Saifa Sathaporn

Narintip Chaemdara (Noey)

Poomipat Waengsothorn (Poom)

Group 2

Kornkulp Techavorabot (Richy)

Nuntaluck Songsamphant (Aom)

Titaporn Amatanon (Forth)

Napassorn Kanwatchara (Proad)

Tanon Theerasupwitaya (In)

Anunyoch Dumrongpongsawat (At)

Chawin Wiwatchareonkul (Winn)

Kana Sricharoenchai (Kana)

Phawin Vongphavit (Pup)

Pachara Wisetphanichkij (Win)

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Music by:  Zack Hamzey


Special Thanks:

VRG (VR headset sponsorship)

Shophouse 1527 (Gallery)

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Status: School Project
Location: Bangkok, TH
Firm Role: Instructor

Exhibition 02
Exhibition 02
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Output 1
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Unfold 1
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Unfold 2
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Close up
Cybord Architecture