Brandon Stewart

Brandon Stewart

New York, NY, US


Mamaroneck Harbor Major Renovation and Pool (MICHAEL LEWIS ARCHITECTS PC PORTFOLIO)

Central to this extensive renovation and pool project is the protection and celebration of the gorgeous 45” diameter pin oak tree that appears almost as a landmark at the bend in Mamaroneck Harbor. The goal was to nestle the pool and spa, associated cabana and decks, between the existing house and the tree. A proposed “breezeway bridge” links the new master suite above the main house to the new office and deck above the existing garage. Native plantings, a new stormwater retention system, a ground-source heating and cooling system, and a fully-updated building envelope bring the whole house into harmony with it’s unique and sensitive environment.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mamaroneck, NY, US
My Role: Head Designer, Project Manager
Additional Credits: Michael Lewis, of Michael Lewis Architects PC
Katie Haas, of William Kenny Associates Landscape Architecture
Peter Gulick, of Michael Lewis Architects PC (hand rendering)