Brandon Stewart

Brandon Stewart

New York, NY, US


Hospedaje/Pedaje: Sublimating the Urban Periphery (COOPER UNION PORTFOLIO)

Within the narrow sliver of forest between South America’s largest
slum and one of Rio de Janeiro’s wealthiest neighborhoods, my
thesis investigates the claim that architecture can bring together
members of socio-economically disparate societies and facilitate
their mutual examination.  This has been achieved through the
design of a public esplanade which wraps the northern edge
of the favela Rocinha. This winding back porch is used both as a
key circulation route for favela dwellers as well as a path leading
to the entrance of a hostel designed to house outsiders.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BR
Additional Credits: Thesis Advisors:

Anthony Vidler
Lydia Kallipoliti
Stephen Rustow
Elizabetha Terragni
David Allin