Brandon Stewart

Brandon Stewart

New York, NY, US


Autonomies and Spatializmo (COOPER UNION PORTFOLIO)

The hole evokes a vast range of associations, from the mechanically ordered to the uncontrollably violent, whereas the cut suggests stillness, quiet, mystery…
-Lucio Fontana

A series of conditions were selected from each of four boxes labeled: Structure, Entry, Program, Light source.  The four randomly-chosen autonomous conditions were integrated into the design of an implicit or explicit 30-foot cube pavilion.  The principles behind the work and writings of Lucio Fontana served as a guide to synthesize each element, each autonomous gesture, into an overall design.  The parameters chosen were Pier-slab frame, Entry from below, Artist studio, and Light well.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
Additional Credits: Professors:

Diane Lewis
Mersiha Veledar
Peter Schubert
Calvin Tsao
Daniel Meridor