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    Catching Up/Vancouver 2010 Olympics

    Mike Taylor
    Jul 19, '10 7:17 PM EST

    Catching up

    Excuse the delay in posts this studio was a busy one… if not THE busiest one in our curriculum. I will pick up from where I left off and write about all the significant events of the past semester in arrears.

    One of the more exciting, or should I say publicized, events in the past four months was obviously the Olympics. I am sure you all watched the coverage and experienced the ‘glory’. Keeping it architecturally relevant, February was an exciting month for temporary structures and wicked lighting through out the city. There were some cool and some banal pavilions along the waterfront at false creek, Alberta and Ontario’s being, in my opinion, the best examples of the former. Often more exciting were the corporate stands, Bell had a great looking lounge near the stadium and Acer and Coca-Cola each had big museum/theatre/propaganda stands at LiveCity Yaletown.

    A few faculty and students of the school of architecture threw themselves into the mix. Inge Roecker designed lightscapes, a temporary exhibit in the downtown east side where an alley way courtyard was covered with umbrellas. Other students contributed to the temporary structures that surrounded the Vancouver Public Library on Robson street.


    A perk of being a student in Vancouver was the two week spring break we got. No one was happy that our semester was condensed but it was a good excuse to take off or partake in the festivities. I went to Whistler for a week and skied the beautiful conditions and empty hills. Whistler was experiencing the "olympic shadow" and for most of the week I was there only about 200 people were skiing each day. This made it easy to ski up to the downhill events and watch the athletes take off!

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