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    2009-2010 Lecture Series

    Mike Taylor
    Sep 30, '09 6:45 PM EST

    Here is the "poster" for our lecture series this year:


    September 23: The Roadshow, 9 Canadian Architects and Designers
    Architectural Landscapes of Canada
    7:00 pm, UBC Lasserre

    October 22: Mason White
    Principal, Lateral Office/InfraNet Lab, Toronto
    6:30 PM, UBC Lasserre 104

    October 26: Marc Treib – the 2009 Cornelia Hahn Oberlander Lecture
    Pragmatics & Poetics: Beyond Sustainability
    Professer Emeritus, UC Berkeley
    6:30 pm, UBC Robson Square

    November 2: Juhani Pallasmaa – the 2009 UBC Sala Arthur Erickson Lecture
    Thought and Form: 12 Themes in My Work
    Professor and Principal, Juhani Pallasma Architects, Helsinki
    6:30 pm, Playhouse Theatre

    November 12: Akihisa Hirata
    Principal, Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office, Tokyo
    6:30, UBC Lasserre 104

    January 28: Kumiko Inui
    Houses and Buildings. Landscapes
    Principal, Office of Kumiko Inui, Tokyo
    6:30, UBC Robson Square

    February 2: Laurie Olin
    Recent Work
    Professor, UPenn and Partner, Olin, Philadelphia
    6:30 UBC, Robson Square

    March 4: Keller Easterling
    Associate Professor, Yale SOA
    6:30, Venue TBA

    March 25: Patricia Patkau
    Current Concerns
    Professor, UBC SALA, Principal, Patkau Architects, Vancouver
    6:30 UBC, Robson Square


    • switch


      Any chance of getting a link to a bigger version of this poster? Or the text/details? Thanks!

      Sep 30, 09 9:31 pm  · 
      Mike Taylor

      Hey Switch, Thanks for the interest, I have typed out each event for you. If you check I am sure there will be other info about the lectures as well.

      Oct 1, 09 1:36 am  · 

      Thanks so much!


      Oct 1, 09 1:30 pm  · 

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