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    Stuff White People Like #34: Architecture

    Mike Taylor
    Sep 15, '09 8:27 PM EST

    "If you ask white people what they love about cities they don’t live in, they will say “restaurants,” “culture,” and “architecture.”

    They just can’t get enough of old buildings or ultramodern buildings next to old buildings.

    If you want to fit in with white people you need to learn about IM Pei, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, and a whole swath of others. Also, be prepared to say “Bauhaus” a lot.

    Once you have the basics down, you should choose a city that people are unlikely to have visited, then make up a name, and choose one of the following a) opera house, b) museum, c) city hall, d) civic center. Then put all together into something like this:

    “Geary is good, but I’m more much into the work of D.F. Winterhausen, he designed the new opera house in Podgorica.” Wait for a pause and then say “In Montenegro. Have you never been?”

    The white person will be left in stunned silence, reverence and respect.

    The reason white people love architecture so much is that deep down they believe that they could have been a great architect. They feel the same way about other professions including: professor, writer, and politician.

    Also of note, white people love big books about architecture. So if you need to get one a gift, this always goes over well because it makes them feel smart without having to read too much."

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    • Sbeth85

      ahahhaaaaa.... love that blog.... architecture books = picture books for grown-ups!

      Sep 16, 09 12:11 am  · 

      I'm always fascinated about how in movies, books, and life you always hear "I always wanted to be an architect but..."

      Apparently it's appealing

      Sep 16, 09 9:22 pm  · 

      Embracing big books of architecture is so engrained into white culture; it has become a staple of Costco's wholesale book section.

      Sep 18, 09 3:41 am  · 

      Intriguing blog...nice subtle humor. Not too many would make fun of stereotypical white people in a blog like this - look forward to your future blogs.
      As Cheyenne said...too many white people go to the soul-sucking big box discount stores, buy a huge architecture book for $10 and leave it out at home to impress their friends (and themselves).

      Sep 22, 09 1:24 pm  · 
      Lian Chikako Chang


      Feb 16, 10 9:30 am  · 

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