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    Don't Make Plans for Thanksgiving.

    Mike Taylor
    Nov 9, '09 2:22 AM EST

    October has been an exceptionally busy month with midterms, essays and the wrapping up of the first three of our studio projects for the term. I have yet to pull any all nighters (some people in my studio are up to 7 for the term) but I haven’t been doing much other than school work and had to cancel most, if not all, of the social commitments I had for the month, including family and friends visiting from back east for thanksgiving.

    Our first studio project is known as Garmenture and has been going on in the school of architecture for as long as anyone can remember.

    The assignment is basically to conceive, construct and present a conceptual form that can be worn on your body. The purpose of the project is to help first years develop a design process, as well as to understand the importance of the body as a constant within architecture and the necessity of understanding your site. The project also served as a method of introducing us to different methods of 2D and 3D representation as well as exploring a number of different materials.

    My studio instructor, Oliver Neumann, encouraged us to explore a movement of our body and develop a piece that functions based on this movement. I was interested in the how the skin moves over the body in a range of motions. So I constructed a shirt that basically had long sticks poking through it. Underneath the shirt the sticks were affixed to my skin extending back out through the shirt to exaggerate any movement. With the subtle movements of my body, such as slouching my shoulders, the sticks showed the very fluid motion of the skin. They often reacted in a complementary fashion with their tips coming together on the front of the shirt and separating at the back.

    In addition to presenting the project in studio to our instructor and design critics we also had to show our projects to the entire student body in a Friday evening fashion show. This was a really fun way to wrap up all of our hard work and reminded us not to take it too seriously. Here are some pictures from the studio reviews and the after hours fashion show.

    Studio Reviews From George Wagner's studio:


    The Annual Garmenture Fashion Show:



    • byen01

      Nice use of that Ryan McGinley piece in the 'Garmenture' poster.
      Also, is that chair-stool physically attached to pita-chip-devouring man's hip and/or body?

      Nov 9, 09 2:23 pm  · 
      Mike Taylor

      We love McGinley out here, although its probably violating copyright, that's one of the best posters I've seen in studio so far, so I had to post it.

      The Chair-Pants are bolted through the wood into rivets in the jeans at the hip and knee and also into the heel of the shoes. He created a strap that runs inside his jeans between the rivets at his hip that acts as a seat.

      Nov 10, 09 12:44 am  · 
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