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  • Back in Session

    By Alana
    Sep 10, '07 10:22 PM EST


    (Warning : The image above is not of an architecture school or an affiliate of one)

    It was a beautiful day, and I spent it inside. THAT is architecture [school].

    This summer was wet and cold here in Vancouver, so I didn't always feel that I was missing out on much as I sat in front of the computer. Although, near the end of the summer the office (Merrick Architects) moved into a sealed bubble from its previous location between 'blood alley' and a treed courtyard in gastown, and I was sad about the change. The former space was intimate, with operable windows, while the latter was brightly lit, sealed and huge. I do declare : windows that open are a must!!!!!!!


    -the courtyard that was-

    Now back at school I am sitting beside a window that never really closes properly... but I can still see trees ...

    My studio for this semester is a really exciting project titled 'PRHQ _Headquarters of the PacRim' with Mari Fujita. I took a studio with Mari last year, and am glad, if somewhat surprised to be working with her again. I didn't realize that 'they' would allow students to work with the same professor twice. Our studio has a blog that has just been set up at We will be posting to the blog as our projects develop. Currently we are studying, defining, categorising, and mapping our research regarding the Pacific Rim.


    -this image is from google earth of the pacific ocean. On the edges of the globe you can see Australia and Canada's landmass sneaking around, with Hawaii in the middle. This is one big ocean. View full entry

  • Experience Music Project

    By Alana
    May 15, '07 10:18 PM EST

    I went to Seattle this past weekend and visited Gehry's Experience Music Project Museum. I'd driven past it a few times on previous visits (on my way to the library and sculpture garden...) but this time I actually stopped, walked around it, went inside it and fully had the time to 'experience'... View full entry

  • Salt Spring Island Design Charette

    By Alana
    May 7, '07 8:21 PM EST

    Well, it has been a long time since I have posted a blog entry. It was a rough semester, ending in a month long chronic strep throat infection (which really sucked!) My feelings towards the program at UBC are mixed, and require another blog entry, but for this entry i would like to focus on a... View full entry

  • *Pause*

    By Alana
    Jan 9, '07 1:26 AM EST

    I'm a nerd, and the fact that I am a 'featured school blogger' gets me all excited, like Sally Field. The truth is: maybe I don't deserve it. I've been neglecting my blogging duties, and while I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, I'm gonna make an exception for Archinect and try and post... View full entry

  • Architectonic paintings by Jay Gazley

    By Alana
    Dec 23, '06 5:18 PM EST

    A little Christmas promo: Check out these paintings by my partner, artist Jay Gazley. View full entry

  • Parametric Modelling Workshop

    By Alana
    Dec 23, '06 4:31 PM EST

    There is a Parametric Modelling and Digital Wood Fabrication Workshop and Symposium happening at UBC from Feb. 15th-24th, 2007, put on by the Canadian Design Research Network. It looks like a great workshop. Check out the webpage if you are interested. The deadline for signing up is by Jan.15th... View full entry

  • Moldy

    By Alana
    Dec 10, '06 10:18 PM EST

    I haven't posted for a really long time and I think the below photo explains everything... Yes, I saved my jello shoes under a desk, and three months later they are not looking so hot-to-trot. They told us to save all of our projects for the end of semester exhibit, and so I threw them in their... View full entry

  • Shifting the Cartesian Grid

    By Alana
    Oct 15, '06 2:58 AM EST

    *Update : These are shots of my final model for this project. I used three methods of form making - folding (red), bending (transclucent green) and sliding (white) - to create a transformative piece of architecture. The movement of sliding was set off by the inhabitant sliding open the entry door... View full entry

  • Gehry digs fat buddhas too

    By Alana
    Oct 3, '06 10:47 PM EST

    I think fat buddha had a bit too much to eat and is laying down in the garden of eden. He's so damn holy, he's glowing from within. View full entry

  • Mountain Porn

    By Alana
    Sep 28, '06 2:34 AM EST

    I love mountains. It is one of the reasons that I returned to BC. But lately, instead of climbing them, I tend to be too tired to even look at them. The weather has been so beautiful here in Vancouver for the past two months. I'm going to take a moment to post some of my photos from work this... View full entry

  • Garmenture

    By Alana
    Sep 25, '06 12:54 AM EST

    The first studio project was 'Garmenture': a quick two-week exploration of materials in relation to the body. I ended up manufacturing a series of wiggly, jiggly high-heeled shoes that was meant to titilate and mutate one's walk. The first pair was made out of low-density foam, the second pair... View full entry

  • Scanner Lovin'

    By Alana
    Sep 17, '06 12:53 AM EST

    Like any good archinerd, I make love to my scanner nightly View full entry

  • The Architecture of Happiness

    By Alana
    Sep 6, '06 5:47 PM EST

    My apartment and the studio are not exactly close. Maybe on a global scale they are, but it feels like I'm going to another city when I leave the house in the morning. When I told people that I'd be living a forty minute bus ride from the campus I would just shrug and say "Well at least I'll get a... View full entry

  • form fields

    By Alana
    Sep 5, '06 10:49 PM EST

    3000 words And (1 2 3 4 , 5 6 7 8 , 9 10 11 12 13 1415 16 17.) (A bull in Krakow, a nun in poland, and a slide illuminated alone in a Toronto park.) View full entry

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