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    Fire Hazards

    Mike Taylor
    Jan 16, '10 6:13 PM EST

    Our first studio project concluded on Friday and the heaps of bamboo reeds, twine and lycra that have filled our studio for the past two weeks turned into some incredible little tents and shelters.

    The purpose of this first project was to explore materiality and gain hands on experience with structural systems on a 1:1 scale. I know that I only have two studios under my belt, but I can’t imagine a better introductory exercise. Here are some photos from the exhibition and review.


    For my project I was interested in tensile structures and creating a really bizarre, sculptural form. Here are some non-photoshopped pictures of my project (excuse the rough lighting.)


    I am happy with the form but was disappointed that I couldn’t make the structure more vertical, and give the shelter some better spatial qualities. Our next project is to do precedent studies on innovative and complex structural systems, so I am sure that in another few weeks I will be able to build the best fort ever.

    Now, I know what your’re thinking… What happens to these things crowing up our studio? Well, we all wanted to have a Burning Man party on Wreck Beach, but our instructors idea was to hang them from the ceilings for the rest of the term. Chandeliers or just a big fire hazard, I can’t decide.


    • BuilderBob

      Interesting designs. But if the project was to create a one-man shelter, how many actually met that objective as a shelter?

      Did anyone use the Native Canadian teepee as a basis for their design?

      Jan 18, 10 4:56 pm  · 

      I really enjoyed the final form regardless of not having much longitudinal dimensions.

      Jan 20, 10 1:16 am  · 
      Steph Mauer

      Hi Mike,
      I didn't know how to leave a general comment on your blog, so I guess I'll write one here. I'll be starting First year MArch this september. Can you recommend a studio professor. Preferably someone a little wacky. ;)


      Jun 12, 10 1:30 am  · 

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