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    1.5 - This Grating Blows My Mind

    Chris Hildrey
    Jun 10, '10 5:07 PM EST

    Euston Road, London


    • Milwaukee08

      I'm sure it pissed off the people that had to manufacture and install it. =)

      Jun 10, 10 8:35 pm

      yeah, that is really cool. Is that an old Bartlett project or something?

      Jun 11, 10 2:32 pm

      very cool. where on euston rd is it?

      Jun 13, 10 5:17 am

      I love it!

      Jun 14, 10 11:17 pm

      This is great. Somebody should alert the skateboarding community that there are kicker ramps installed on Euston.

      PO Euston Centre‎
      328-33 Euston Road
      Camden Town, London
      United Kingdom

      Jun 16, 10 9:35 am

      Another reason why a few hundred years from now architects will be looking at this era as a re birth of the beaux art system.

      Jun 20, 10 2:01 pm

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