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    Previously on 'Unit 22'... (and hello)

    Chris Hildrey
    Aug 20, '08 7:53 PM EST

    Well, seeing as I'm about to enter my final year at the Bartlett I guess a brief introduction to myself and a recap of my first year at the school would be a good way to give some context to the highs and lows that will inevitably come over the next 12 months.

    Last year - for those not down with the English education - was my 4th year. Before the Bartlett I'd studied in Edinburgh Uni followed by a year out (in addition to the 12 month placement period). I've worked for six firms now (from my 1 week of school work experience up to my current summer job) - some big, some small. In my year out I decided to do some non-architecture things as a kind of pre-emptive strike to the post-diploma crisis which makes people suddenly question whether it's all worth it. So I travelled to Sri Lanka then came back to Scotland and (somehow) managed to end up editing a scientific journal. But that's a whole other story. And the experience was enough to eradicate any doubts that may have come.

    Anyway, enough about me. Bring on the pictures! At some point I might put up some images from my project last year, but for now I'll put up some images of our unit: the mighty Unit 22(!) and the preparations and celebrations of the Bartlett Summer Show 2008.

    PS. If you want to see more of Unit 22, we have a website ( that I finished at the start of summer. Though the preloader doesn't seem to be working so I may have to give it a kick soon.

    The tutors: Peter Szczepaniak and John Puttick (L-R). John left at the end of last year to move to China.

    Innovative methods of letting paint dry

    Not the same 2s in case you think our work is huge/our students are tiny

    The public. Real people with eyes and opinions. Scary.

    A nice suprise

    A great end to the year!

    Also, I tried to find a picture of me that wasn't horrendous. I failed. This is some of us in New York on a field trip. We were all so tired. I'm the zombie second from the right.

    I'm looking forward to keeping this going. I hope someone finds it useful/interesting. Oh, and hello.

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    • oldenvirginia

      Very cool. Looks like a lot of fun. look forward to seenig more when you start

      Aug 21, 08 11:15 am

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