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    This advert blows my mind

    Chris Hildrey
    Aug 30, '08 11:02 AM EST


    • What is the symbolism?
      Is it anti-oil/gas? For a second i thought the wolf referred to Russia and the camel to the middle east, but then i remembered that Russia is a bear. Or does Jeep have the characteristics somehow of a camel/wolf?

      I don't get it but find it intriguing. Graphically it is awesome.

      Aug 30, 08 5:41 pm
      brian buchalski

      di wouldn't overthink the symbolism.

      wolf is a forrest animal, camel is a desert animal.
      overlap them and you then have a jeep which ostensibly is an all-terrain mega-animal

      Aug 30, 08 6:28 pm

      wolf - forest, cold weather, fast, versatile, aggressive

      camel - desert, hot weather, reliable, goes a long way on a re-fuel, can carry lots of stuff,

      Aug 30, 08 10:01 pm

      its's a damn fine ad, thats for sure. how the hell did someone come up with that?

      Aug 31, 08 4:44 am

      I probably would have had a better guess if i knew it was an ad for Jeep.
      Is it?

      Aug 31, 08 11:04 pm

      It is nam. Check the top right corner. ;)

      Sep 1, 08 4:01 pm
      Sep 12, 08 10:35 am

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