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    Chris Hildrey
    Mar 18, '10 9:47 PM EST

    Well, after a long haitus from blogging here and having graduated from the Bartlett since, it seems I'm back again. It looks like I'll hopefully be returning to the Bartlett soon to join the Advanced Architectural Research programme (more on that to come). In the meantime, I thought I'd get round to re-breaking the ice and mention a few of the thing I hope to be blogging about before I go back to school.

    Since graduating I've been working in practice and trying to keep as many private interests on the side as I can. It's an interesting time at the moment. I'm going to try to comment on life post-graduation (which I hope might be interesting to some people facing that scenario on the horizon), as well as write up some of the private work I've done and am currently doing. I hope to talk about:

    - A winning entry in a product design-scale project which is moving to fabrication in the next few weeks.
    - A collaborative installation I worked on recently which was lucky enough to be covered by BD, Guardian etc
    - A competition I have entered and yet to discover the results of.
    - Being a visiting critic to the final MArch year at the Bartlett
    - Presenting a selection of ongoing projects from those I saw at the crit
    - A potential upcoming exhibition of student work from the Bartlett
    - Things that blow my mind.

    Hopefully at least a couple of these things will be of interest to someone.

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