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    Sarajevo field trip - photo blog

    Chris Hildrey
    Nov 22, '08 12:59 PM EST

    Sarajevo in the morning:

    Big chess played by locals in the Old Town

    One of the many graveyards in the city

    Snap happy

    Reminders of the war are still very present despite the fact that the city and people have clearly moved on

    The reconstructed Mostar bridge, bombed during the war

    View from bridge

    Mostar's a beautiful place

    Our road trip was pretty eventful. First - a police stop

    Lots of awesome industy in the Bosnian countryside

    Event no. 2 - Burst tyre on the motorway

    We found this great church in the mountains

    Bosnian coffee stop - thick strong and cheap at 1KM (about 35p in GBP)

    We found a great derelict concrete building in a small town

    Road trip day 2 - Driving high up into the mountains

    Where we then got to an undrivable section of dirt-track and had to turn back. Not easy.

    I'll put up some photos more relevant to my project later. It's just nice to get the holiday snaps done and dusted. :)


    • rira

      that top shot of sarajevo is awesome

      Nov 22, 08 4:04 pm

      great shots, I miss this place. I was at the re-opening of the Mostar Bridge in 2004. Turkish coffee is the best!

      Nov 23, 08 8:04 pm

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