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  • So, it's been a while...

    By Erik Schonsett
    May 30, '07 9:21 PM EST

    I know. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. After a short time traveling (it's so easy when you're based in London) it's time to get back to work. Over the past month and a half I've had the oppertunity to be in Paris, Venice, Rome, Carlo Scarpa's Brion Cemetary, Barcelona,
    the thearer muse Dali, Bilbao, andColwyn Bay Wales. I'm actually up in Colwyn Bay right now. My group is up here working out of my teacher's house. This is my 16th or 17th day up here...I really do loose count. We're working on clarifying our projects and writing our research reports. The M. Arch course has two components: a design project and a research report. The reoprt frames what you are doing, whay you are doing it and how you plan to do it. Well, the report is due to be turned in on June 11th, so time is ticking.

    Here are a few images from my work over the past few days and some from my trps...

    Here's a breif snip of my report text that frames what I'm working on...

    The project is an exploration into the spatial qualities of the constructions made through the imagination. It looks at the idea of motion text and its connection with language as a vehicle through which the reader begins to construct spatial experiences. It focuses on the spatial scripting of the hidden qualities of literature and its relationship to the motion of text through language. Specifically, it explores the constructions along the pataphysical path between the physical and the imagined. This is done by looking at the anatomy of the body of Architecture as experienced in the construction of the journey between two worlds and the threshold that separates them.

    Jarry's Knititng Factory: Stitching Together the Lost Layers of Literature

    Literature Split

    Banana Shoes for Climbing the Slippery Lion of Language



    Brion Family Cemetary



    Theater Muse' Dali


    Colwyn Bay

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  • Mid Year Reviews

    By Erik Schonsett
    Feb 20, '07 8:43 AM EST

    We just found out that our mid-year reviews are on the 14th and 15th of next month. Just 3 weeks to produce. Here are 2 videos of the latest piece. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but i think it is the beginnings of a language shredder. The RIBA is coming to evaluate the school later this week... View full entry

  • Videos

    By Erik Schonsett
    Feb 10, '07 1:14 PM EST

    Here are a few videos of my constructions. Touch Sensor Activated Light Debris Machine View full entry

  • More detailed blog of my thesis project...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Feb 6, '07 10:49 AM EST

    So I decided to make another blog detailing my work at the Bartlett. I'm going to use it as more of a diary or place to dump my brain. It's more of a place where the work will evolve than a recording of what I have been doing. I'm still going to post highlights of stuff up here, but I'll put... View full entry

  • Finally Working...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Feb 3, '07 9:07 AM EST

    It finally works! View full entry

  • Responce from Phil

    By Erik Schonsett
    Feb 1, '07 9:04 AM EST


  • No Stopping Now...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Jan 31, '07 4:53 PM EST

    I decided today that I'm not posting here as often as I should. So, I'm going to start posting everything (well almost everything) that I'm doing that realtes to my time over here. So here it goes. This morning was our first meeting with Neil Spiller, Nic Clear, Phil Watson and my M. Arch. Group... View full entry

  • Preliminary Study for a Writing Apperatus

    By Erik Schonsett
    Jan 28, '07 1:10 PM EST

    Click Here for Larger ImageClick Here for Larger ImageWriting Apparatus in Derrida’s Library...Soft Material Transporter - Continuously swings and cuts off pieces of the soft material that is being filtered through the system. It transports this material from the Filter back to the debris... View full entry

  • The Motion of Text / The Text of Motion

    By Erik Schonsett
    Jan 24, '07 4:25 PM EST

    So, I realize that it's already the end of Janurary and I really haven't posted anything about what I've been working on for studio. Well, we've only been working on this stuff since September. It was a long and hard transition period these past four months or so. But slowly we are all getting... View full entry

  • Big Ass Column...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Jan 22, '07 3:18 PM EST

    Now that's one big ass column Victoria and Albert Museum - London View full entry

  • Late Night Thoughts...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Dec 21, '06 9:48 PM EST

    I'm sitting in the computer lab of my flat. My laptop broke last Saturday. I don't know what happened, but it won't turn on anymore. I'm doing one last load of laundry before my parents get here. They are supposed to get in to Heathrow at 9:30am from Las Vegas after almost 20 hours of travelling... View full entry

  • Back to work...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Nov 22, '06 7:38 PM EST

    So, it's been a while since I posted anything. A lot has been happening in the last three weeks or so. Here's a quick run down of what's been going on... We went on out 'official M. Arch trip' about two weeks ago. It was a week in Florence. The trip was amazing! I've never been to Europe before... View full entry

  • A weekend in Wales

    By Erik Schonsett
    Oct 31, '06 8:50 PM EST

    The pier in Colwyn Bay, Wales Phil Watson is my teacher. He ownes this bookshop in Colwyn Bay. He also ownes the two houses on to the left. Past Bartlett project hanging in Phil's house Conwy Castle built in 1280 A.D. Phil and his son Blue Welsh country house built in 1600AD The sea with no... View full entry

  • Watch out for Flying French Frogs...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Oct 13, '06 8:30 PM EST

    So, a lot has happened since the last time I posted anything. I'm finally realizing that this isn't just some European vacation, that I am really here for a whole year, and that I need to get my act together and start some work! I've spent the last few weeks exploring London and getting to know my... View full entry

  • Let's Get Situated...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Sep 26, '06 7:26 PM EST

    Well, I'm not sure how familiar anyone is with London. This is my first time here and my first time to Europe. I thought it would be a good idea to play a little game of where in the world?...Click here to read full size This is central London. The school (UCL) is located at the end of the pen... View full entry

  • 5451.93 miles East / North East of Los Angeles

    By Erik Schonsett
    Sep 24, '06 8:20 PM EST

    Well, I'm here. Classes start in a few hours. According to all that I know I'm supposed to show up at the Bartlett at 2pm with 2 passport sized photos. I'm living in UCL student housing, a place called Langton Close to be exact. It's actually better than I was expecting. The building is made up... View full entry

  • NYC, Zaha, and trains...O my!

    By Erik Schonsett
    Sep 18, '06 2:39 AM EST

    NYC... Well, I have two more days in NYC. After having a four hour delay, I finally got out of Long Beach California and into NYC on Friday night. Zaha... Two friends of mine and I went to see the Zaha show at the Guggenheim this morning. It was pretty remarkable. I'm not too much a fan of her... View full entry

  • Time is Ticking...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Sep 6, '06 12:41 AM EST

    Well...I'm heading to London for the first time. I'm going to be in the M. Arch in Architectural Design program at the Bartlett. The program actually starts on September 25th. I'm heading to NYC for a few days before to catch up with a few friends that graduated with me from SCI_Arc. Right now... View full entry

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