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    Roger Hiorns installation

    Chris Hildrey
    Oct 21, '08 2:42 PM EST

    Last Sunday myself and a few others from the unit went along to to Seizure - a new installation from Roger Hiorns. If you don't know this British artist, here's a brief summary:

    "British artist Roger Hiorns makes exceptional use of unlikely materials: detergent, disinfectant, perfume, fire and copper sulphate crystals. Transforming steel poles, car engines and cardboard architectural models into crystalline forms, Hiorns effects surprising, physical and aesthetic transformations on found objects."
    [You can read the full installation blurb here]

    In this piece, he has taken the process to an architectural scale - waterproofing and filling a flat in South London then allowing copper sulphate crystals to grow. The top image is of crystals that have grown around a hanging light bulb.

    Although you are allowed to touch the crystals and take photographs, the latter is nigh-on impossible without a tripod and SLR-level ISO. Still, after many attempts I did manage to get some passable shots with my girlfiend's snap & shoot. Enough to communicate a little of what the space was like anyway (though I have to say - no photo could do this space justice).

    A section of wall

    Small cubbyhole. You can see make out the dado rail.

    This guy was filming the space on 16mm for the artist.

    This is not photoshop lens flare, I promise!

    This is the floor. It's like being on the sea bed, especially with the IKB-esque light that rebounds around the space.

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