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    Ein hefe weissen bitte.

    Candace Mountain
    Sep 1, '09 9:35 PM EST

    One of the beautiful things about attending UIC is the opportunity to travel worldwide for extended periods. We are accompanied by our talented faculty that have lived, worked and played in the cities that we reside in. Which means we aren't subjected to horrible tour buses or other inane touristy things. And, for me, that's a major plus - I hate tourists, even though I am one.

    We have the opportunity to spend an entire semester in Barcelona, Spain with Javier Vendrell, which begins in Amsterdam and ends in Rome. Global Architecture Brigades has trips to Panama for design/build charity. Our studio is in Berlin, and there is another studio trip to Spain for a few weeks. And, there was another traveling studio in London last summer. I'm sure that there are other traveling opportunities, I just can't think of them.

    This first week was an intense self-guided tour of the city. We traveled as a cohesive group everyone prepared a 15 min presentation based on a building or area and presented in front of our respective buildings for everyone else. We walked Berlin region by region for 5 days. Then traveled to Dessau for the Bauhaus, Dresden, Prague and Potsdam.

    After traveling, we then got to work in studio at the UdK. Where collectively designed and built a pavilion. This the part that I find to the most intriguing and rewarding part of this trip. As a state funded school, there are few design/build opportunities as budgets are typically (especially in this economy) small.

    There is a website dedicated to our project:
    Check out the nifty video.


    I will post more Berlin centric images when I catch a break from studio... hopefully this weekend.


    • mantaray
      everyone prepared a 15 min presentation based on a building or area and presented in front of our respective buildings for everyone else.

      This sounds like a great way to get to know the city--I'll have to remember the idea for future use.

      These pics look interesting! Looking forward to more pics and a description of the development of that project.
      Sep 2, 09 4:43 pm  · 

      did you try it w/ bananas (bananaweizen), cola (colaweizen) or cherry juice (kirschweizen)?

      i never understood it (putting ANYTHING in beer is sacrilege!!), but germans go nutty for them.

      berlin is an awesome city. a really good friend of mine worked right off the spree.

      i really miss living abroad.
      Sep 3, 09 1:30 am  · 

      that pavilion looks familiar...

      Sep 4, 09 1:25 am  · 

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