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    I don't know about you, but I learn more with my mouth shut.

    Candace Mountain
    Sep 16, '08 5:18 PM EST


    Peter Eisenman came by yesterday for our typical Monday night lecture...
    He definitely kicked of this semester's lecture series with a bang... or a wow, if you will. Or possibly a wow-wow...

    While I would like to say that my understanding of the Eisenman Architectural Direction has been altered due to his lecture, I don't believe that I can... mostly because I'm still digesting what he said. Which leads me to think that instead of the lecture being a wow-wow... it may have really been a what-what or a what-why... Erm, I plan to know someday.

    Peter wasn't the only significant visitor this week... We also had a squirrel stop by our humble studio...
    I didn't realize that they could screech like that.

    First, I didn't know how to react... In the city, one sees a squirrel from afar... not from three feet away on the third floor of a building... Second, I didn't know what to do about getting the little guy back outside, I didn't want to actually touch the hairy thing. Nor did I think I could get that close to it to actually pick it up.
    Therefore, I asked Katie to help me with little animal, and she and I decided to attempt to "herd" it down the stairs... needless to say, it didn't work. ...Who knew squirrels were so slick?

    So, Thomas, who has worked on a farm and has probably been near such animals, and Mark, who could have possibly created a ceramic squirrel at some point in his life came to the rescue...
    The situation was a mixture of unease and hilarity...
    After a few small chases and nerve-racking mishaps, Tom and Mark were able to trap the little guy in a box and carry him back to freedom.


    On the class side of things, we have a model and several construction details due on Thursday... Only time will tell if we succeed.
    My model making skills are slowly improving... I learned this time not to bleed on the basswood as it doesn't come out... Or was the lesson not to cut myself?? Hmmm, haha.
    Either way, it was about twelve hours of work and I am almost happy with the product.

    On a different note, is it possible that never being 100% satified with the finished product be the reason why Architects continue to develop a single idea or thought throughout their lifetime? Every iteration of the idea is just another failure, or a feeling of "almost doesn't count", and every project is just another attempt to get it right....


    Matt was the only brave soul from my studio to actually send me his work... so here I will post his work...

    Final Boot Camp Model


    Maya Sections and Renderings





    • Aunt Nik

      Don't have a clue what you are saying or showing us, but it's fascinating... And it is a humbling experience to admit that! Actually, I think I probably know more about squirrels than you apparently do, but I've never been THAT up close and personal with them. Those Maya renderings look like snake skeletons to me.

      Sep 16, 08 9:21 pm  · 

      nice renders -

      was the squirrel one of those ratty Taylor street squirrels? It may have been trying to rob the joint.

      Sep 16, 08 9:57 pm  · 

      The more I get into Eisenman, the more disappointing he becomes - one for the inconsistency of his early theory and later practice, which could be ok (everybody has a right to change their mind), but also for the utter silliness of his idea of "self-referencing architecture" and the uninhabitability of the stuff he did under its influence (House VI is basically a sculpture, despite its "wallness").
      But he seems like a nice guy, really into his Derrida.

      Sep 21, 08 9:39 am  · 

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