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    Architecture or Architorture?

    Candace Mountain
    Aug 20, '08 10:38 PM EST

    The intense two week seminar called Bootcamp (fatigues not necessary - but a sturdy helmet and elbow pads might not hurt) that I have been told (or warned) about since my acceptance into UIC's three year program is more than half over... now I must ask myself: is it Architecture or Architorture?

    For those of you that are unfamiliar, we are told that the purpose of the two week workshop is to ready oneself for the "difficult curriculum of graduate level study in architecture." But, we must not, I repeat, NOT, think about architecture or the ground it sits on. We must instead seek to understand voids, volumes, planes, lines, implied lines, profile lines, construction lines, cut lines, elevation lines... I'll refrain from continuing.

    Needless to say, I've learned a lot. Some of which won't be found in books...

    Do not:
    Use the words: gestural, expression, interpretation...
    Throw your instructor under the proverbial bus - even if they gave you the idea.
    Tell your instructor you no longer care about your line weights (keep your current apathetic mindset to yourself)
    Drool on your work, or anyone elses, when you're sleeping at your studio space
    Breathe when cutting rigid insulation with a hot wire. Long term side effects may occur.
    Assume a classmate is in the mob.

    Use the words: moment, analysis, extrapolation, system, generate, communicate...
    Tell your family that you'll resurface for the major holidays.
    Read your source material analytically to extrapolate a system or given value.
    Learn to install your own Mayline - or find and befriend someone who can.
    Own your analysis
    Forget your own pre-conceived notion of space and time

    Building models out of semi-toxic materials, speaking in a foreign language and spending every hour with almost complete strangers while consuming endless amounts of coffee all means nothing if we aren't passionate about our path.
    While I may be asking whether I signed up for Architecture or Architorture, I know that I have never been more satisfied with the challenges that have been presented to me these past few days.


    • Aunt Nik

      I'd go to UIC Architecture School for the vocabulary alone--even the forbidden words! Gestural. Oooo.

      Aug 21, 08 8:08 am  · 

      Thats strange - when i attended UIC there were 2 guys who were connected to the mob - is this normal?

      Aug 21, 08 3:49 pm  · 

      2 guys?! shit in Newark most of the guys i went to school were connected to the mob or so i thought, they were Catholic.

      Aug 22, 08 5:30 am  · 

      Now admit it - "gestural" really is a shit word. :o)

      Aug 27, 08 1:27 am  · 

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