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    1AM --> It's procrastination time

    Candace Mountain
    Feb 17, '09 1:52 AM EST

    This is what my theory paper looks like using the website

    This paper is due in 12 hours... do you think I can turn it in like this?



    • AlbertWang

      Awesome should definitely turn this in!

      Feb 17, 09 9:28 pm

      It is 1am and procrastination time in Tennessee too. Fancy that.

      Feb 18, 09 12:54 am

      How did you manage to use "Le" more than "Corbusier"?! bonus points!!!!

      Feb 22, 09 1:47 am

      Thanks admin
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      Jan 26, 10 4:41 pm

      Yes I think you should turn it in just like that. If they dont have an open mind its there fault. I work for a fat burning furnace fitness company and I really hate doing reports also. I will use your wonderful resource for sure.

      Feb 11, 10 2:46 pm

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