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    Candace Mountain
    Nov 11, '08 11:11 PM EST

    The past few weeks have been active and, as always, frustrating. I don't think that it's possible for me to ever feel content or un-frustrated (if that's a word) with my time in studio.

    I'm still getting use to speaking in front of people, I've always found it to be hard... especially when they judge your work and then proceed to tell you about it.

    We had a pinup yesterday in studio and a local professor and practitioner was asked to sit on the panel. He brought a lot of insight and I was happy to hear his interpretation of the projects. Except, when he said our work was "blowing his mind, but sinister..." He quickly changed to the synonym: diabolical. I take issue with both terms, mainly because I don't know what he really meant... I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn't really mean to insinuate that our work was evil or recalling the devil. I hope.

    It seems as if our presentation and thought process was not parallel to that of the others in the studio.
    The general idea of studio is based around the idea of Control. Control over surface, form, shape, atmosphere, etc. So, each project builds on the previous set of skills to further our investigation of architectural conditions.

    Our midterm was based around surface and formal qualities of an object. My interpretation of the most recent project was that we were to orchestrate the way in which one would proceed through a space for a future architectural-something. Our next project will be a pavilion, so I assume that it's providing a platform for next four weeks. I believe that we'll find out more tomorrow in class.

    Anyway, I spent a great deal of time thinking about how one proceeds through events and where/when/how they occur. After this mental exploration, we created graphic identities for each type of event and the way in which we wanted them to connect with a different event.
    (Have I lost you, yet? ... don't worry images are coming shortly.)

    Each diagram set up a visual representation for the types of rules that were created for the progression through events. All dealt with the amount of information the environment gives the subject. Information being a general term for whatever the surroundings are providing; whether it's natural sunlight or a technology driven scape. Event being another generic term for the amount of information being given, it isn't representing an amphitheater or basketball game. Although both would require a certain level of controlled information.

    The following line drawings are from one model that orchestrates the level in which the surroundings give the participants information.
    So, I'll use sunlight as an example for the type of information that is being given.
    When a line moves upward, more sunlight is gained and as the line dips the amount of sunlight decreases. When the lines fall flat, there is not gain or loss of sunlight.
    Another rule set by this diagram, is that when three or more trajectories meet any gain/loss of information falls flat and becomes stagnant.



    I think that my lack of comfort when speaking in front of people made it more difficult for me to express our ideas behind these diagrams. There was some confusion as to whether one could inhabit the drawings we were showing, and the answer is no. It isn't a house, these aren't walkable ramps. It's a graphic representation of events within a controlled environment.
    I believe that it was around the time that we showed these slides that we were told that our work was seemingly sinister. I've gone over the presentation since then and I still don't understand the diabolical comment. Maybe someone will provide insight in the future.

    And, if you're still confused about what I'm talking about... my work here is not done.


    On a different note, this week has also been filled with lectures. We have had the pleasure of having Stan Allen speak several times. I find his work to be extremely interesting and he his talks to be equally fascinating.
    The overall theme of the the lectures seems to be a mixture of landscape, urbanism and architecture. We have many instructors that are invested in the study of the urbanism and the cross-section of culture and architecture. I find it to be rewarding to be able to hear them speak about their personal projects.


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