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    Someday you'll find Potassium - William Shatner Style

    Candace Mountain
    Dec 23, '08 2:30 AM EST

    So, it's been over a week and I've taken some time to reflect on this past semester...

    There is really only one thing that I know for sure:
    I have no idea what I'm doing. Although, the things that I think I know have increased exponentially.
    I've spent a great deal of time worrying over my studio work because of it. People keep telling me that I shouldn't know what I'm doing... I plan to believe them someday.

    This semester has been fantastic. I love the people that are in my year. Everyone is so fantastic. I don't think that there's a need to accept anymore people into the program, and I don't think that we need to move to the fourth floor to finish out the next two years. We would be one kick-ass graduating class. (That's one thing that I know, for sure.)

    I think that the studio final presentations went really well. We had a guest panel member who brought fantastic insight to our discussions. I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate a conversation with the panel. in the case of my project, they suggested things I hadn't thought of so I didn't necessarily have a thoughtful response. I actually agreed with their comments, and so I didn't feel as if I really needed to comment other than to agree. But yet, felt disappointed because a discussion could not be garnered on my end. All in all, I was really happy with the final product and the presentation went well enough; seeing as how I'm still uncomfortable talking about my projects and have yet to fully understand how they're functioning (again, I don't know what I'm doing.)
    I think everyone else had phenomenal projects and deserves to feel very proud of their work.

    Here are a few renderings that I created for my presentation.
    We each designed a pavilion that was located across for St. Louis at it's infamous Arch by Saarinen.
    The pavilion that I worked on was a formal exploration of bifurcating surfaces that grew from the landscape. As it rises from the ground it divides to create a floor, interior circulation, and a roof.




    A few things that I've learned this semester:
    -Everything, at any time, can be explained with Star Wars or Star Trek.
    -Tack four hours on to your estimated model building time
    -Never underestimate the power of a good Americano or hot tea.
    -Multiple alarms are a necessity at times.
    -It's okay if you don't always take notes.
    -All the cool kids use Macs. (Sorry, Mark and Ivan.)
    -Dictionaries don't always have all of the words used in Theory class.
    -Earphones are golden; so is chocolate.
    -A personal life is a pipe dream.
    -Morris is the best mascot, ever.
    -iChat is a great way to actually see your friends.
    -Asking questions isn't actually that scary; but nonetheless unnerving.
    -Calculus is horrible and most likely unnecessary.
    -Beer is zen.
    -Roommates? What Roommates?



    • b3tadine[sutures]

      can't go wrong with Wookies and Ewoks in your post, bravo!

      Dec 23, 08 10:43 am

      About that last 3-D looks like someone left a white cotton bra in front of the St. Lou archway.

      Dec 24, 08 12:00 pm

      "-Everything, at any time, can be explained with Star Wars or Star Trek."

      please explain

      Dec 31, 08 7:13 am

      It may just be a UIC phenomenon... but it seems like whenever there is an analogy needed to better explain a concept our instructors would use SW or ST. And, it wasn't a rare occurrence either.

      Dec 31, 08 1:37 pm

      Agree about the bra. Padded.

      Jan 1, 09 8:23 pm

      Even though I disagree with both of you (I, personally, think it looks like a pavilion). I took the image down.

      Jan 1, 09 8:56 pm

      that is what you get for putting down the foreign kids (karma, yes?) plus, macs are clearly incapable of handling a projector... intuitive and user-friendly my ass

      ... also you'd figure that if it did look so much like a boobshelter, somebody on the panel would have said something... but who knows.

      Jan 12, 09 11:23 pm

      Ivan - I don't put down the "foreign" kids... I put YOU down; quit thinking you're so special. Geez... :o)

      Jan 12, 09 11:27 pm

      i want the bra picture...

      Jan 24, 10 9:55 pm

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