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    Live it up now... because someday you might need a new hip.

    Candace Mountain
    Aug 26, '08 10:32 PM EST

    So, we have finished one class for each course we are taking this semester... and my penchant procrastination has already reared it's ugly head.
    I have successfully caught up with every person I have ever considered to be a friend... Made plans for future engagements... and played in a large city park... a park that has been, and always will be, at my disposal. My procrastination is by no means a by-product of feeling discontent with the subject material I have been presented with but rather a way for me to align my chi... center myself... triangulate my chakras... or whatever... it's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Anyways... Life is good on the education front. This semester we will learn as many programs as possible (fyi: i love to geek out with computer technology) while studying surfaces and scale among many others... learn modern tectonics as they pertain to architecture as a discipline... and begin understanding architectural theory as a way to alter the outcome through analysis, discourse and hypenated characters post 1968...
    ---I think I just filled my vocabulary quota for the day...

    Life in the studio is just that: Life in the studio. We reside below the octagon and see each other everyday...

    Some shared musical preferences:
    The Cool Kids
    Pete Yorn - but only the first album
    Band of Horses
    Willie Nelson
    Ray Lamontagne
    Kate Nash

    I would also like to share my most favorite creation from Bootcamp:

    My Elephino


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    • Aunt Nik

      Very pepto.

      Aug 27, 08 8:03 am  · 

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