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    By gbugel
    Nov 5, '08 2:46 AM EST

    I wasn't the only one having a hard time concentrating in studio today because of the election. From a little after 6pm EST on justabout every computer was intermittently checking election coverage.

    When Obama had about 200 electoral votes a few of us decided to leave and see what was happening on TV and in the streets. Just a little later we watched as Obama was declared the 44th President of the United States.

    Almost immediately after the announcement (they're awful quick to declare it aren't they?!) the yells and honks and firecrackers from the outside world came in through the window.

    We walked down to 125th street, but long before we arrived we heard the dull roar of the crowd.

    Thousands of people took over the intersections all along 125th, singing, yelling, cheering, playing instruments, kissing, laughing, drinking and hugging.

    Instead of getting right into the subway station there to go home, I decided to walk down the line for a few stations (about 20 blocks, it turned out) and the scene was repeated the whole way. I was smiling each step.

    Even into the station and on the subway cars the celebration continued. Every time the doors opened everyone cheered. From every car.

    New York likes Obama. I am glad I experienced this.


    • wow.

      Nov 5, 08 6:07 am

      very cool

      Nov 5, 08 9:43 am

      that's so cool...I don't think I could get any work done in NYC...

      Nov 17, 08 11:28 pm

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