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    Be suspicious of your teachers

    By gbugel
    Sep 8, '08 3:28 AM EST

    Though I can't wait to settle into a routine, the first week was a good one, full of activity.

    I like lists:

    -The school-wide orientation packed the auditorium from wall to wall. People were standing three deep in the back, sitting in the aisles and even around the speakers in the front. This is the infamous "density" the school speaks of all the time, I see.
    -At that same orientation the Dean was his usual self, instructing all of the students to learn from each other and not our teachers, as they must be crazy to remain at Columbia.
    -The stream of orientations is still not over- I have some scheduled for the print shop and wood shop this week.
    -I did the obligatory first year student walk-into-the-wrong-class-and-have-everyone-turn-and-look-at-you-all-at-once. It was funny, I mean it.
    -This blog was discovered by several people, who all curiously approached me about it on the same day.
    -I inquired about some on-campus jobs and go interview for them this week.
    -Familiarizing myself with the offerings at the school cafe, learning where all the restrooms are.
    -Lines everywhere- sorting out school loans, supplies at the bookstore, scanners in the library because of...
    -First assignments being handed out, accompanied by something like panic as everyone tries to figure out exactly what needs to be done. This soon subsides as students talk to each other.
    -Computer technical woes, as I try to get my own machine up and running with what I need.
    -Being in a lecture setting after some years without it felt familiar and comforting.
    -The first school-wide Friday happy hour. We each received GSAPP pint glasses. This is not a bad thing. (I noticed on the Yale blog they call is 6 on 7. We call it 6 on 6. Funny.)
    -Endless emails with specific important details to remember, or forget.
    -And the best part, finally holding Studio in our actual studio with our critics. This is what finally made it feel like school was back in session.

    Ever University school and organization has been promoting itself this week.

    Locked, empty studio the day before we inhabited it.

    This is ice, and I spend hours watching it melt. Other first years empathize.

    Friday, 7pm.

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