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    October in pictures

    By gbugel
    Nov 1, '08 12:51 PM EST

    Engineering lab field trip:



    • gbugel great picture set

      Nov 1, 08 11:08 pm

      that last pic is pretty interesting, 6 months sitting on ths shitter....just doesn't seem like a good use of time :)

      Nov 2, 08 5:12 pm

      I think six months on the shitter, that's a great use of time. think of all the books you can read.

      2 weeks kissing, on the other hand--that's kinda sad. You spend about 15 times as much time shitting as kissing?

      Nov 2, 08 5:40 pm

      Comparing traffic to kissing is equally pathetic. Maybe worse.

      Nov 5, 08 3:06 am

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