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    Rite of Passage?

    By gbugel
    Oct 13, '08 4:05 AM EST

    I did it. I sliced the tip of my finger off.

    A few times in the past weeks I nicked a finger, or got a decently deep cut, but last night was gold. When I realized what was happening it was already too late, and there on my cutting mat was a clump of cells that used to be part of me.

    This probably happened because of the crunch that we are all in. Mid-term reviews are this week, and everyone is scrambling, as you might imagine.

    After my review on wednesday I promise pictures and descriptions in better detail.

    But only after I do all my laundry, clean my house and go grocery shopping.


    • Druvius

      Nice one Greg! It IS a rite of passage. Just remember, everything on the other side of the ruler gets sliced off. :) My mid-review is today and your prof is one of the critics. Wish me luck!


      Oct 13, 08 7:57 am

      Bought one of these after doing something similar in my freshman year, and never got cut again *knocks on every wood surface within reach*. Charrette sells them online, but they are pricey. Consider it an investment in your hands. (they're our money-makers, right?)
      Oct 13, 08 11:00 am

      Good Times...
      There is nothing like losing a piece of your finger and slowing down the process of production before mid-terms. During my first semester I was initiated into architecture school, with the painful realization of cutting a piece of my finger off, and then had a review right after. My professor was surprised to see me presenting my project and wanted me to go to the hospital, but I felt making my presentation was more important. Don’t worry it grows back but never feels the same.

      Hang in there it only gets wores.

      Oct 13, 08 3:28 pm

      Greg - when and where are the midterm's held? I'm in the neighborhood and would like to check them out.

      Oct 14, 08 10:51 am

      The mid-term are this wed & friday and i think there some more next week. Just drop by on mon. wed. or friday 2-7pm that is the studio times. There really isn't a date or time that is set in concrete each studio is different and its based off of time, space and the progression of the studios. I still think its safe to say that most mid-terms will be this friday and some time next week. From the looks of things most studios were empty lastnight, which leads me to think most mid-terms are next. My studio is having their's this friday and we were the only one's in studio lastnight so i think were one of the first studio to have a mid-term. Feel free to stop by anytime just get a parking pass from the guard and rome aroud, sci-arc is always open to everyone.

      Oct 14, 08 3:34 pm

      First year midterm reviews were yesterday (Monday) and tomorrow. Half the class each day. The second and third years I think go next week? Not exactly sure.

      There are only a few spots the reviews are held here at Columbia, and there are signs detailing which studio is where. They are mostly in Avery Hall but also next door in Buell.

      You can just follow people running with posters and models, or look for overstuffed rooms behind barely closed doors.

      Feel free to drop in.

      Oct 14, 08 7:58 pm

      depending on how much finger you cut off you can actually glue it back. Best to keep the finger on ice if you can't find the glue or twist the cap with a finger-less. Funny rite of passage...glad to see you can laugh about it after.

      Oct 15, 08 2:03 am

      Good news! It's almost all healed.

      Nov 5, 08 3:07 am

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