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Aug '08 - Dec '10

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    By gbugel
    Aug 25, '08 10:12 PM EST

    Hi everyone. All the basics have been posted here, but I just want to say that I am excited to use this blog as a record of my upcoming schooling.

    Tomorrow I can register for classes and Friday is Orientation, but that does little to alleviate my anticipation to start school.

    Despite what I imagined, I am genuinely excited and eager to get into class and get to work. I figured I would be a nervous wreck, and perhaps as I walk up the steps to the first class I will be, but as of now I just wish that moment would come and I can start the semester.

    It seems that for everyone that offers encouragement and well-wishes I meet one person that gives warning- from relatives of architects, one-time students that changed majors, practicing architects and even school faculty.

    Maybe I am young, maybe I am naive, maybe I think I am different and don't know yet that I am human like everyone else, but I am actually welcoming the challenges of long hours, competition, overwhelming expenses and inflated egos.

    It will be interesting to see what I say one or three or five years from now.



    • JordanS

      Keep the good spirits Greg, you'll love the challenge.

      Aug 26, 08 1:07 am

      Had the same experience (equal parts congratulations and run-for-your-life) and almost the same attitude as you when I started school. If you enjoy pushing yourself to the limit and have decent time management skills, you can have a great education and still have a personal life, despite what people say. You'll also meet a lot of great people.

      I just graduated, and I have to say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. Have fun! Take risks!

      Aug 26, 08 1:40 pm

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