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    Final post

    By mpsyp
    Sep 18, '08 3:12 PM EST

    Thank you Archinect. It has been a great run. I hope I have provided some insight, inspiration, or amusement. Of course you all know how many demands are put upon the modern-day architecture student, but the great bloggers on this site have been so dedicated and diligent in their sharing with the community, and I thank them for that. I wish I had given more to this blog; so much of the evidence of my scholarship, thoughts, and ideas are already hidden in notebooks, packed away in boxes, or stored in the back of my mind. I intended to cover all kinds of exciting things, the happenings of last year, the Kipnis studio, the exit review jury with Michael Speaks and Michael Meredith, the insider guide to the post-graduation job search, but I have been sidetracked again and again and again. Life moves so rapidly and soon it changes yet again.

    It was a whirlwind finish and now I am moving on. On Sunday, as many of my friends return to school for their final years or settle in to their new jobs, I am leaving the country (not without voting, of course). On Sunday, I am moving to Rome, to start a position with Fuksas Architetto. Don't have a place to live yet but I'll be buying a scooter right away, and I'll fly around the city with Euros in hand until I have a place to rest my head at night. It's all very exciting.

    I will be checking in here regularly and I'm happy to say that the KSA blog legacy will not end here. My good friend and former classmate, Evan, will be returning to the KSA after a year hiatus working for Herzog+deMeuron. The guy's whip-smart and loves to pontificate. Check out his blog, which I believe has already begun.

    See you around the forums and thanks for reading!

    Marc S.

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    • Good bye and good luck.
      Enjoy Rome and hopefully Fuksas Architetto will be a learning and fun experience..

      Sep 18, 08 4:30 pm

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