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    Deep Green Revisited + The Photorealistic Rendering

    By mpsyp
    Jan 1, '08 6:36 PM EST

    So I recently began going through my old projects for my portfolio and decided to do some new renderings. I began posting early results on my Flickr, which sparked a heated debate about the place of the photorealistic rendering in the architect's arsenal. I won't repeat it all here, but I thought there my be some interest to the Archinect folks, and I'd be happy to have you chime in.

    You can find the discussion here.
    New renderings (in progress) of Deep Green here.
    Some raw files from my final project last quarter here.



    • I usually do not like photo realistic renderings, but I think that in your case this overall rendering shows the intentions and solar panels better than the old sketch up 'cartoon'. However, imho, some of the other photo-realistic renderings do not work as well as the old more cartoonish renderings shown here.

      I tend to agree with your friend Evan, I am not a fan of the super fancy renderings, they tend to flatten the work.

      Eitherway, great project!

      Jan 2, 08 4:36 am

      Alot of architects like to scoff at these photorealistic renderings, but frankly i can think of few ways better to convey an idealized version of a project to non-archs and people with little imagination. I think the renderings add alot to your project, and it looks like Thom Mayne has a new challenger.

      Jan 2, 08 9:32 am

      oh, are you rendering straight out of maya or using a plug-in, and if so which one?

      Jan 2, 08 9:35 am

      Quilian> Thanks for the comments... I'm curious, which cartoon renderings do you think are more effective than which Maya renderings, and why? I have to admit that when I get so involved in a new mode of production, it's easy to put blinders on, so your comments are welcome to keep me grounded. As of now, I was thinking of doing one or two of these maya renderings and then keeping a large portion of the sketchup cartoons (though perhaps converted to hidden line) for diagrammatic purposes.

      Apurimac> Hopefully the people looking at my portfolio will be both arch people and people with imagination, so I don't know how much added value I'm getting in those departments. But what I hope to be able to do is convey certain effects of the architectural proposition without "flattening" the project, as Quilian says. It is a delicate balance, I believe... and when I generate a hybrid visual composition (renderings + + diagrams + drawings) I'll post it for comments and critique.

      btw, I'm working with Maya 8.5 and the included Mental Ray 3.5.

      Jan 2, 08 11:58 am

      i like the second set.

      i find that trees/plants rarely render well enough to be considered "photorealistic." i usually leave that to photoshop.

      Jan 2, 08 10:42 pm

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