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    the scoop

    By mpsyp
    Sep 21, '06 9:29 PM EST

    okay, okay. finally. enough with the monumental posts covering last year's news.

    ...on to the new.

    First some quick news of faculty awards... Jeff Kipnis was awarded an honorary degree by the Architectural Association of London; Jack Nasar was made a Fellow by the American Institute of Certified Planners; Jose Parral won the Rome Prize; and Beth Blostein and Bart Overly won the Ferrous Park competition and will join Schmaling architects and Rockhill and Associates (of KU Studio 804 fame) in the development of eco-friendly, forward thinking housing in Kansas City.

    The new KSA Sourcebooks are out... the Sourcebook 7 for Architecture is Zaha's BMW building, and Sourcebook 3 for Landscape is Peter Walker's Nasher Center Sculpture Garden. These are books that delve deeply into a single project, tracing the development all the way from initial concept to completed construction. Great series.



    But the real news is all about what's coming up next:

    ... Francois Roche (of R&Sie) will be teaching several studios
    ... Kivi Sotamaa will be leading an exchange program seminar that will travel to Vienna and work with the studios of Zaha Hadid and Wolf Prix
    ... We will possibly be part of a pilot program for a 3d printer that prints at $0.50/in3, with free material for the first 3 months. We already have a 3d printer, but this would be even cheaper.
    ... Winy Maas (MvRdV) will be our Baumer professor. While we won't have as much access to him as our 6th-year counterparts, there will be opportunities to sit in on seminars like last year with Eisenman. Looking forward to it.
    ... Still haven't heard who our Glimcher prof is! If any of you landscape folks are out there reading, please post on this blog if you know.

    Other big news is still developing on the gallery front. I haven't released the full gallery schedule yet, as a few dates are still pending. But I will let one show out of the bag because it is pretty well confirmed. Looking forward to a new site-specific work for the Knowlton Banvard Gallery from sculptor Soo Sunny Park, coming this winter. She does beautiful, site-specific large works that are architectural in their ambitions. Some examples of her previous work:






    • Arjun Bhat

      I'd forgotten all about Ferrous Park -- altho I think i'll have to be convinced a little more about the entry the winners submitted. downtown KCMO's crossroads district is filling up with designer "lofts" with escalating prices and subsequent higher property tax values. I won't get too much into it, but hopefully the winning entry will be an affordable solution that doesn't just respect the ecological environment, but the social environment of its city as well. In what capacity is Rockhill going to be involved? As the builder? I'm a former studio804 goon myself, and I'll be interested to see how Dan handles this one.

      Sep 21, 06 10:11 pm

      Arjun> To be honest, I don't know too much about it... just passing along the news, really. You can see the winning boards here.
      Sep 21, 06 10:15 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      Winny's teaching a workshop of mine as well here in Cambridge. We're making a videogame.

      Sep 21, 06 11:24 pm

      What sort of videogame? What's the coneptual mission?
      Sep 22, 06 8:28 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      it will be a video game where different programmed agents with set ai routines (ie: developer, social worker, logistics engineer, ecologist, etc.) will vy for dominion over an "Ideal City." To this end they'll transform it according to how they view the world. Sort of -- the whole thing will evolve as we see fit.

      Sep 23, 06 1:13 pm

      Interesting... I'd like to hear more about it. hat language are you programming in? Is it a "game", in that it's interactive, or is it a programming routine, deterministic? Love to hear the details as they evolve.


      Sep 24, 06 1:44 am

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