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    studio frustration

    By mpsyp
    Oct 22, '06 11:14 PM EST

    So we're doing parametric design, using a single parameter, and I'm absolutely stymied. I'm working with the Hair and Fur Modifier in 3DS Max. I generated density bitmaps to define areas of the density of "fur" in plan, and then I was planning to Boolean these fields with lofted splines of the human body interacting with furniture. This was going to create the furniture, stairs, etc out of the density of fur.

    Only there is so much geometry that Max crashes every time I try to do the Booleans.

    I simplified, and my prof complained that my process is only 2.5D. Then I recomplicated with an alternate method of Booleans (no lofted splines) but my section slices are outrageous. CAD files are looking untenable. I'm at my wits end. Missed my laser cutter time for my final model. Will have to reschedule for Tuesday, day before final crit.


    Initial field study:


    First attempts at smaller scale Booleans (large booleans caused crashes):


    Split into 3 separate topographical levels -- structure, interference, furniture (prof said this "modernist" split was contrary to goal of ths parametric project):


    Attempt to utilize only 1 parameter while reducing geometry and providing transition between furniture, stair, section, etc. Floating blocks are result of Boolean union between density diagrams in both section and plan. Second Boolean, subtraction from the whole, causes crashes:



    • not_here

      POST PICTURES!!!! heeh, i'm really interested in what you are trying to do there.

      Oct 22, 06 11:29 pm

      Done... will attack this again tomorrow.
      Oct 23, 06 12:33 am

      Who is your studio prof? Looks like you are getting into some interesting stuff! Good luck in the meanwhile.

      Oct 23, 06 10:30 am
      Alexander Jack

      Max can't handle the booleans..perhaps export to Rhino or Form-Z. This worked for me in a similar situation.

      Oct 24, 06 2:50 pm

      a-jack> Tried exporting to both rhino and form-z... unfortunately both gave me errors. Rhino crashes and Form-Z doesn't allow the boolean -- something about open object (even though I "cap holes" and convert to mesh in Max)...

      Anyway, I ended up simplifying my geometry and got the Booleans to work in max. Not my ideal set of spaces, given the rather large "hairs", but it's got to suffice... preparing my laser cutter files as we speak...


      Oct 24, 06 3:48 pm

      Hey mpsyp - Sorry new to this blog world, and didn't quite know where to contact you! Why did you choose Knowlton over U of Kansas? I'm currently seeking grad programs and have those two up on my list. Can you give me a little feedback on the two programs from your perspective?

      Nov 5, 06 12:07 pm

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