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    And now it's gone, gone, gone...

    By mpsyp
    Sep 20, '05 11:23 PM EST

    So that's it. Summer break is over, just like that. Here are a few pics of my and some of the other final models from our class:


    I moved into my new place 3 days after final crit. It's 0.8 miles from the architecture building, so that means that now I can jet home on the bike if I need to take some time out from studio and hang with Ida:


    We had graduate orientation today, which was short and sweet. We met our new section head, Ashley Schafer of GSD and Praxis fame. She literally just arrived at the school within the last week, so we got mostly an "excited-to-be-here-too" introduction, but she seemed nice and she did have some interesting things to say.

    Apparently there are mixed feelings about the change in leadership from Rob Livesey to Schafer, but I think that's usually true of leadership changes and I don't know enough to weigh in meaningfully. I do know that Livesey is very well liked in the architecture program and hopefully Schafer will build upon all the things that he has done.

    Some interesting news: the school recently acquired and is in the process of acquiring a number of new toys, including two 3-axis milling machines, a 3-d printer, and a new 4' x 8' laser cutter.

    Because of the influx of new gear, Schafer wants to build up a knowledge base on this stuff pretty quickly, so this year will have a special focus on digital fabrication. There will be seminars, lectures, etc. on the use and theory of the new technology. That looks promising, particularly over the next few years.

    The lecture schedule is set, first up is Alex Krieger. I found out that my GA position is with the gallery. I'm looking forward to that. But anyway, I should get organized and ready for classes tomorrow. First one is at 8:30am. Summer is definitely over!


    • AP

      good luck, looks like you summer went well. keep us posted

      Sep 21, 05 11:20 am
      Oana S.

      ida is sweeeeeeeet!!! let her fur grow longer...

      Sep 21, 05 12:51 pm

      alex krieger should be a good lecture. i like the way he pokes at the new urbanists. also his piece in 'the mayors' institute: excellence in city design' > 'rules for designing cities' is great. his comments on parking made me laugh. don't miss him.

      Sep 21, 05 12:58 pm

      Will do... IDa actually just got her hair cut, she was long overdue. I"ll post pics when it grows back out, completely different dog. I'll report back on the lecture, I plan on being there. Thanks for reading!


      Sep 21, 05 5:59 pm

      I in all honesty cannot look at the picture of your dog for more than about 2.8 seconds without turning away. It's like she's staring into my soul.

      Sep 22, 05 3:21 am

      ida is too cute

      Sep 25, 05 1:30 pm

      based on the positive response I will be padding all of my architecture-related posts with pictures of Ida... just kidding.

      Sep 25, 05 2:56 pm

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